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We believe that every pet has a special story to tell. We would love to hear the stories about you and your furry family members!

True Stories from Pet Parents

Your brand makes a difference in his life

Our family adopted the oldest resident of the animal shelter, a cat who had been waiting for a loving home for a long time. For three years, he filled our lives with joy. He's so clingy and an enthusiastic eater (as you can see in the video and photos). This summer, when we had to leave him alone for a few days, we worried about his well-being and overeating habits. But your brand's food dispenser came to the rescue, providing him with the right amount of food and companionship. It eased our worries and kept him healthy and content. We are grateful to your brand for making a difference in his life.

This feeder has been a lifesaver!

This feeder has been a lifesaver for my rescue bunny! We have been working through correcting food and cage protective behavior issues. This feeder came with an insert for smaller food portions and pellet size that allows me to shift the focus of food excitement away from me and to the feeder. When he hears the message, he runs to the feeder and waits for the food to drop. AMAZING!!!!

I Have Four Cats!

I recently welcomed a new kitty into our home. Now I have 4 cats! The more cats in a family, the higher the stress levels. They break my stuff, wake me up at the sleeping hour, and make a mess of the house. But they are also my best roommates. I love them so much! For keeping the peace between them, I got wopet automatic cat feeder for them. The feeder has done its job perfectly. I would say it’s worth putting the money out there for your fur babies.

My Kitty Loves Wopet Water Fountains

My cat needs to drink lots of water. However. she always drinks from my glass, the toilet or a puddle. I have bought many products to entice her to drink water in the water fountains. And she always ignores it. I feel very distressed. When I got wopet water fountain for her, she loves it! It is quiet with always flowing water, which attracts her to drink from it. Thank you wopet!

Winston Totally Changed My Life

I have severe depression and suffer every day. During that time I wanted to adopt a dog since my doctor and family adviced me. When we first met, he kept staring at me with bated breath and ears hanging down, which impressed me a lot. Since adopting Winston, he completely changed me and helped me pass the difficult time. Living with him made me feel the kindness of the world again. I love him so much. Now I am getting better and better every day. This is what I want to share with you.

The Story About How We Met

Two years ago in July, I saw a homeless cat sitting near the basement entrance on my block. Then I started going upstairs and she followed me. I thought she liked it here, so we took her in and named her Niko. Niko is a very smart kitten. During the day, she is at home by herself. When I get home in the evening, she will come running over, rubbing and barking to welcome me. It’s so great to have a cute little cat to welcome me every day!

My Two Furry Family Members

I have a cat for two years. And my dog is a stray dog I picked up in the community. At the beginning, there were still many problems in getting along between the two of them. They have very different personalities. I used to think that they can't get along well. During that time, I felt very troubled. After they got along for a while, things changed. They also have a sweet time together. My cat sometimes falls asleep on the dog's head. So cute!

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