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WOpet Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Ultra Quiet丨Bloom
WOpet Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Ultra Quiet丨Bloom
WOpet Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Ultra Quiet丨Bloom
WOpet Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Ultra Quiet丨Bloom
WOpet Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Ultra Quiet丨Bloom
WOpet Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Ultra Quiet丨Bloom
WOpet Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Ultra Quiet丨Bloom

WOpet Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Ultra Quiet丨Bloom

Keep your furpals hydrated and healthy

6 Reviews





1 PCS Filter

2 PCS Filter

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wopet cat drinking fountain wopet cat drinking fountain

Make Your Pets Fall In Love with Drinking Water

wopet dog fountain high end materials
High-End Materials

wopet quiet cat fountain
Quiet Enjoyment

water quality qurifying
Water Quality Qurifying

wopet cat water fountain oxygenating
Fountain Oxygenating

wopet cat water bowl fountain wopet cat water bowl fountain

Offer Every Sip of Fresh Water for Your Pets

Ultra-Quiet Pump

The water pump of WOpet pet water fountain keeps providing a whisper-quiet water flow, which is below 25dB and it usually lasts 2 years.

wopet cat fountain silent pump

Triple Filtration System

The dog water dispenser comes with thickened 34mm filter that helps double the purification effect and get the freshest water.

wopet dog water fountain filtration system

Easy to Assemble & Wash

It takes no effort to assemble the cat water fountain, making it so much easier to clean and refill water.

wopet cat water fountain easy to assemble
80ml water storage

80ml Water Storage

Even if the power goes out, your pet can still get fresh water with a storage capacity of about 80ml.

wopet cat fountain drinking modes

Two Drinking Modes

The cat fountain's flower waterfall or gentle fountain mode is available for your pets to choose!

wopet cat watering fountain visible water level

Visible Water Level

The transparent window makes it easy to monitor your pet's overall water consumption.

WOpet Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser Ultra Quiet丨Bloom

Find the Right Product for You

Noise Level
WIth LED light

Bloom Pet Water Fountain-W300


(Current Model)


Glitter Pet Water Fountain-W500


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Brook Stainless Steel Cat Fountain-F10


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Stainless Steel

What You Will Get

Instruction Manual x1

WOpet Pet Water Fountain x1

Filter x1

Flower Spout x1(Installed in pump)

Brush x1

Silent Pump x1

wopet cat water fountain


Product Name

Bloom Pet Water Fountain

Product Model




Product Dimension

9.29 x 6.65 x 4.88 inches

Power Input

DV 5V 1A


Ultra Quiet Water Pump

Power Consumption


Cord Length



Q: How long will the fountain pump last?

A: The fountain runs on long life DC pump.The pump normally lasts between 2 to 3 years (>17520 hours). If the pump has been in regular use for approximately this time period, it may need replacing.

Q: How often should I clean the fountain?

A: Fountain should be cleaned at least every 2 weeks. Please clean it once aweek if you are living where there is hard water.

Q: Why am I finding small black particles in my pet's fountain?

A: It is common for some residual charcoal dust to seep from the filter. This is perfectly normal and not harmful to your pet in any manner. To help prevent the charcoal dust from shedding, rinse the filter thoroughly under running water before placing inside the fountain.

Q: How do I know if it's time to add water to the fountain bowl?

A: Please watch the Transparent water bowl, when the water level is close to the minimum line, please add water.

Q: How often to change the filter?

A: For the health of your pet, it is recommended that the water be changed and the fountain cleaned every week, and change the filter every 1-2 weeks.

Customer reviews

6 Reviews


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My cats are very skittish when it comes to new things and I thought they would not like this but after a day they started to drink from it ❤️ now they drink from that than the toilet lol.. love it and was easy to set up and use!!!

Oct 30, 2023



Works great (so far). My cat took to it right away. I use it without the flower on top because my cat kept getting the side of his face wet while drinking. Seemed less messy this way even though he likes it both ways. Easy to put together and satisfied with this cat fountain.

Dec 15, 2022


Esmeralda Ortiz

It was easy to assemble didn't even need the instructions, it was self explanatory. My cats quickly ran to it and started drinking out of it once it turned on. They don't want their tiny water bowls anymore so I guess I have extra bowls now!

Nov 26, 2022


Gina Berkey

I have been wanting to get my pet cat a water fountain for a while now. I came across the WOPET water fountain while browsing and ordered it. It was very easy to assemble and only took about 5-10 mins before it was all set up and ready for my cat. He was a little hesitant at first, but once he got used to it, he loves it! He has been drinking much more water than he did before, drinking out of a standard bowl. I would recommend giving this a try! I was happy I did!

Nov 11, 2022



The price on this is awesome. I have tried many other expensive brands and they have always turned up their noses at them. Very quiet. Easy to fill and clean.

Sep 20, 2022



Absolutely Love this pet water dispenser, it's quiet easy to assemble and keeps the water cold and clean at all times for my 2 fur babies my pups love it. I plan on buying 2 more one for when their outside and one for the 1st level in my house. It's definitely worth the price in gold. I would recommend this product to my family and friends.

Sep 14, 2022


Bloom Pet Water Fountain-W300

1 PCS Filter
1 PCS Filter
2 PCS Filter

$ 19.98