At WOpet, we all love pets and technology. Our vision is to bring joy and happiness to every pet lover in the world. We’re a passionate startup founded in 2015 and truly believe that every pet deserves a long and healthy life full of happiness and love.


We have envisioned a world where everybody cares for those in need, especially the pet animals, with the help of advanced technology. 

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WOpet encourages people to lead a positive lifestyle with their friends and family, along with their fur babies. Enjoy every moment you spend with your loved ones, including your pets.

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One of our core values our happy customers and their lovely pets instilled in us, is the joy and blessing of giving back. This is why we’re donating at least 1% of your purchase to the cause of your choice at no extra cost to you. Unless updated by you, 1% of the purchase amount will be donated to the featured cause, Take Me Home Pet Rescue.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue’s mission is to save lives of dogs and puppies who are in high kill shelters with a risk of being euthanized. These animals find themselves in shelters due to abuse, neglect, being homeless or being surrendered by their owners because they are not wanted anymore.


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