WOpet Glitter Pet Water Fountain Ultra Silent Water Dispenser with LED Light


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✨Your Pet will Fall in Love with Drinking Water

Fresh water is a must for every pet. WOpet water drinking fountain is designed for your pets and encourages them to drink more water. So no worries about your fur pals’ drinking problem! 3.5L water capacity is great for small to medium-sized cats or dogs. Raise your pet’s interest to drink more water using WOpet Glitter pet water dispenser.


Keep Your Pet's Every Drink Tasty and Fresh



Multi-filtration system provides fresh and good-tasting water for your cute pets.

ultra silent

Ultra Silent

Ultra-quite performance (below 40 dB) ensures you and your cat less disturbance.


Semi-permeable Tank

Check the water level at any time, and always know the capacity of the bucket.

lack water reminder

Lack Water Reminder

multi-color visual LED light reflects your pet’s water consumption at a glance.

emergency water storage

Emergency Water Storage

The 50ml water storage bowl can be used for several days in case of a power outage.

dual mode

Two Drinking Modes

Switch between Fountain and Gushing mode to find your pet’s preference.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated & Happy by Offering Fresh Water

Ensure the quality of your cat or dog's drinking water

High-End Materials

Quiet Enjoyment

Fountain Oxygenating

Water Quality Qurifying

Entice Your Furry Friend to Drink More Water

fountain video
Play Video about fountain video

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Blue+ 1 PCS Filter, Orange + 4 PCS Filters, Orange+ 1 PCS Filter, Pink + 1 PCS Filter, Pink + 4 PCS Filters, White+ 1 PCS Filter


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