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Hearts Unleashed: Bringing Clean Water to Shelter Cats

Making a splash for change with a lifesaving in-kind donation to North Shore Animal League America

Since 2015, WOpet has been on a mission to improve pet lives through our products. This time, we‘ve worked with North Shore Animal League America to donate 110pcs WOpet Bloom automatic pet water fountains, ensuring shelter cats have access to clean, fresh water. We believe every small change can create a big wave of impact.

partnered with North Shore Animal League

In every drop of water, there’s a ripple of change. With our latest leap of love, we’re setting our sights on two purr-essive goals to make life a tad more whisker-licking good for our furry friends.

Behind every whisker, there’s a wish—a wish for love, safety, and a little corner of comfort. While we work paw-in-paw with shelters to fulfill these wishes, clean water and a cozy environment are the first steps toward a future where every meow matters.

The WOpet Bloom Automatic Pet Water Fountain: Designed to keep water pristine, ensuring cats have access to fresh water at all times.

wopet automatic pet water dispenser

It all started with a simple idea: How can we make a positive change in our community? After close collaboration with North Shore Animal League America, we chose the WOpet Bloom water fountain for its outstanding functionality and health benefits for cats.

As the world's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, North Shore Animal League America is committed to saving and sheltering homeless animals, providing love, safety, and a new beginning.

wopet water fountain helps homeless animals

Each year, thousands of cats face challenges while looking for new homes. Our donation aims to improve the living conditions of these cats in shelters, providing a healthier environment for them.

Let’s make a bigger splash! Share this story on your social media with the hashtag #HydrationHeroes to help us spread the love and care.


Leave a Purr-sitive Note for the new cat shelters at NSALA!

Feast your eyes on these meow-gical transformations! Behold the power of hydration through adorable sips and happy laps, and read the paw-sitive notes from those on the front lines of cuddles

With 110PCS fountains donated, over 300 cats are now living the high life, sipping on the freshest of the fresh. The internet’s reaction? A resounding purr of approval.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat.

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