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WOpet Automatic Cat & Dog Timer Feeder Pet Food Dispenser丨Pioneer
WOpet Automatic Cat & Dog Timer Feeder Pet Food Dispenser丨Pioneer
WOpet Automatic Cat & Dog Timer Feeder Pet Food Dispenser丨Pioneer
WOpet Automatic Cat & Dog Timer Feeder Pet Food Dispenser丨Pioneer
WOpet Automatic Cat & Dog Timer Feeder Pet Food Dispenser丨Pioneer
WOpet Automatic Cat & Dog Timer Feeder Pet Food Dispenser丨Pioneer

WOpet Automatic Cat & Dog Timer Feeder Pet Food Dispenser丨Pioneer

Customize Flexible Feeding Schedule for Your Fur Pal

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Feed Your Pet Regularly While You Are Away

Feed Your Pet Regularly While You Are Away

7L Tank Capacity

5-Meal Per Day

40-Portion Max. Per Meal

10g Per Portion

Programmable Timer

WOpet automatic dog feeder lets you schedule up to 5 automated feeding meals per day for your furkids.

Voice Recorder

Recording a personal meal call with the dog food dispenser lets your buddy know when it's time to eat!

Infrared Detection

This pet feeder comes with an infrared detection feature, which prevents food from spilling and stuck in the food outlet.

Find the Right Product for You

Food Tank Capacity
With APP Control
Meal Range
Portions Range
Kibble Size Range
Each Portion Size

Pioneer Automatic Pet Feeder-F01 Plus


(Current Model)


Pioneer Plus Pet Feeder-FV01 Plus


Learn More

Castle Auto Pet Feeder-FT70 Plus


Learn More

What You Will Get

WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder x1

5V/1A Power Adapter x1

4.9ft Type-C Cable x1(Installed in pump)

User Manual Book x1(With a 6ft power cord)

wopet dog automatic feeder


Product Name

Pioneer Pet Auto Feeder

Product Model

F01 Plus



Product Dimension

9.69 x 12.76 x 15.12 inches

Net Weight

5.53 Pounds

Product Materials



Q: How to re-record voice or delete it?

A: Delete the recorded voice: long-press the“MIC”button until the screen is flashing.

Q: How do I cancel the third feeding schedule?

A: Please set the feeding portion to 0.

Q: How to restore it to factory settings?

A: Press the“Time”and "MIC" button at the same time to restore factory settings.

Q: What is the weight of 1 portion?

A: ·Using a small wheel, one portion is about 5g.
·Using a large wheel, one portion is about 10g.
There maybe slight difference of 1 portion with different size food.

Customer reviews

8 Reviews


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Really happy with my feeders and treat dispenser. Super helpful to maintain feedings for our cats while we are away for a day. Extra fun to see them with the cameras. The best experience with Wopet is their customer service. Had an issue with one of my motors burning out and they helped me diagnose what the issue is and helped to resolve the issue incredibly fast. Email responses were less than 24hrs! I recommend to all my friends with pets they can’t always take with on trips.

Oct 02, 2023


Anne K

First I must say this is a game changer, after reading the reviews I decided to get this feeder for my son’s 6 month old German Shepherd. Got super fast, setting it up was a bit tricky because of the conversion grams/military time. By trial and error I was able to get the portion size down packed (P-10 is approximately 1 cup). Got the meal times setup. Work great for most part then I ran into a problem - the evening meal wouldn’t stop releasing. I troubleshoot it, reset it many times still same problem. I reached out to Amazon support they were like return it for a full refund and I was like I didn’t want to send it back without a replacement because the baby also like it. After doing more research I reached out to Wopet directly…. Let me tell you about their customer service via email FANTASTIC after a few days of back and forth with solutions to try eventually I was told to expect a new replacement in a few days. Goodness I was not expecting this after 2 days I received it and I got another great surprise they sent me an upgraded replacement the one with the camera and app. I am totally blown away with this exceptional customer service and replacement. I have set it up and thus far everything seems to be working perfectly fine. Kudos to the great customer service team of Wopet.

Aug 19, 2023




This automatic feeder has been a lifesaver for my rescue bunny! We have beenworking through correcting food and cage protective behaviorissues. This feeder came with an insert for smaller food portions andpellet size that allows me to shift the focus of food excitement awayfrom me and to the feeder. When he hears the message, he runs tothe feeder and waits for the food to drop. AMAZING!!

Jun 13, 2023



This auto feeder works great. My dog is 45 lbs and eats the small pellets and so far they have not jammed it. It is very easy to set up the times and it takes a few days to figure out the portions since 1 portion is just a few pellets. We are averaging 19 portions in the morning and 12 at night for a medium Sized labradoodle. And it hold a lot of food!!

Dec 15, 2022



This is a good cat feeder. It works well and is has been reliable for us for over two years. I do wonder if wopet would offer a bowl replacement that has an integrated divider to help prevent our one cat from pushing the other out of the way and eating more than her fair share.

Aug 02, 2022



I am very satisfied with my purchase! My dog is used to having breakfast at 6AM and I was trying to get a little more sleep on weekends, but my dog kept waking me up at 6am. After buying this dog feeder, I don’t have that problem any more! Perfect!

Jul 22, 2022



I set up for 4 meals every day. It’s automatic. I just need to add to dog food when I need. Very easy to use. No need to remember that what time you have to feed the dogs.

Jun 30, 2022



Works great and easy to program. Used it for 8 days while on honeymoon and worked perfectly. Large dog food so we just used a higher-larger portion setting. Just test it out we had it figured out and set in minutes.

Jun 28, 2022


Pioneer Automatic Pet Feeder-F01 Plus


$ 79.99