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Why Do Cats Like Running Water? [Top 8 Reasons]

Mar 11, 2023

Author:Lisa Martinez

Many cat owners have noticed that their feline friends are obsessed with running water. Whether drinking from the tap or playing in the sink, cats can't get enough of it. 

However, what’s the reason behind it? And why do cats like running water so much? These questions might be itching your curiosity.

Why Do Cats Like Running Water?

Have you ever noticed your feline friend hovering around the sink or bathroom faucet when you turn on the water? Or perhaps they eagerly drink from the stream of water from the kitchen tap? 

If so, you may wonder, why does my cat love running water so much? Let’s tell you why. Here are the top 8 reasons why cats like running water. Splash right in! 

1.Cats love the sound of moving water.

Cats have excellent hearing skills and are attracted to the sound of running water. The sound of the water moving may be soothing to them, similar to how some humans find the sound of a white noise machine calming.

cat loves the sound of moving water

2.It is a cat’s instinct.

If your question regarding cats and their liking for running water becomes more specific, it will turn out, why do cats like drinking running water? Right? Cats typically drink from streams or rivers in the wild as opposed to still water sources. 

This is because running water is generally fresher and less likely to be contaminated. Drinking from a still water source, such as a stagnant pond, increases the risk of consuming harmful bacteria or parasites. Therefore, a cat’s preference for running water may be instinctual.

3.Cats want to play with running water.

In addition to the sound and taste of running water, some cats may enjoy the interactive aspect of it. They may enjoy playing with the stream of water or trying to catch the drops as they fall.

cat wants to play with running water

4.Still water touches their whiskers.

Cats’ whiskers are extremely sensitive and are essential for navigation and hunting. When a cat drinks from a bowl, the water can touch its whiskers and cause discomfort or irritation. On the other hand, the movement of running water allows them to drink without their whiskers coming into contact with the water.

5.Running water tastes fresh.

As mentioned earlier, running water is generally fresher than still water. This could be another reason why cats prefer it.

moving water tasts good

6.Cats don’t like the position of their water bowl.

Some cats may not be fans of drinking from a bowl because they have to lower their head to do so. This position may make them feel vulnerable, exposing their neck and throat. By drinking from a faucet or sink, cats can maintain a more upright position and feel more secure.

7.Cats like cold water.

Cats’ bodies are more sensitive to temperature changes than humans, so they may prefer colder water to drink. The cold temperature of running water may appeal more to them than lukewarm water in a bowl.

cats like cold water

8.Running water is much easier for cats to see.

Cats have excellent vision, particularly when it comes to detecting movement. The movement of running water may be more visually appealing to them and easier for them to see than still water in a bowl.

Overall, there are many reasons why cats love running water. Whether it’s the sound, taste, or interactive aspect, it’s clear that running water holds a special place in the hearts of our feline friends.

Should I Get a Water Fountain for My Cat?

If you're a cat owner, you know how important it is to ensure your furry friend stays hydrated. 

Cats, like all animals, need water to stay healthy and function properly. While you can simply leave a bowl of water out for your cat to drink from, a running water fountain can be a much more appealing and convenient option for both you and your cat.

One of the main benefits of a water fountain for cats is that it increases your pet's interest in drinking water. Many cats are drawn to the sound and movement of running water, making them more likely to drink from a fountain than a still bowl. This is especially important for cats prone to urinary tract problems or not drinking enough water alone.

The WOpet Cat Water Fountain is an excellent option for cat owners looking to invest in a running water fountain. Its 3.5L water capacity is perfect for small to medium-sized cats or dogs. The fountain also features a multi-filtration system that helps to keep the water clean and fresh, ensuring that your pet always drinks high-quality water.

wopet cat water fountain

In addition to its functional benefits, the WOpet fountain is also tranquil. This is important for you and your cat, as a loud fountain can be disturbing or even stressful for some pets. The fountain also has two drinking modes – a gentle flow and a bubbling top – allowing you to choose the one that best suits your pet's preferences.

Another great feature of the WOpet fountain is the lack of water reminders. This function s you when the water level is low, ensuring you always have enough water for your pet. The semi-permeable tank also makes it easy to keep the fountain clean and maintained, allowing fresh water circulation while keeping dirt and debris out.

In short, the WOpet Glitter Pet Water Fountain is an excellent investment for any cat owner. Its 3.5L water capacity, multi-filtration system, ultra-silent operation, two drinking modes, and lack of water reminders make it a top choice for keeping your furry friend hydrated and healthy. 

wopet pet drinking fountain

Plus, its stylish design and LED light will surely be a hit for you and your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Is running water better for cats?

    Running water can be better for cats because it can increase their interest in drinking water. Many cats are attracted to the sound and movement of running water and may be more likely to drink from a fountain than a still bowl.

  • Q2. Do cats need to drink running water?

    It is generally recommended that cats have access to clean, fresh water at all times. Some cats may be more likely to drink water if it is moving, such as from a faucet or water fountain. However, many cats can drink just fine from a still water source, such as a bowl. 

  • Q3. Why do cats like to drink from a running faucet?

    Some cats enjoy the novelty of drinking from a faucet and may find it more fun than drinking from a boring old bowl. Whatever the reason, it's clear that many cats love to drink from the faucet, and it's not likely to harm them, so why not let them have a little fun?


In conclusion, cats naturally prefer drinking from running water sources. 

Regardless of the reason, it is clear that many cats enjoy drinking from running water sources, and it is not likely to harm them. So, if your feline friend loves to drink from the faucet, there's no need to stop them! Make sure to provide plenty of fresh, clean water in a bowl.