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How to Show Your Cat You Love Them? 10 Things You Should Know

Mar 11, 2023

Author:Lisa Martinez

Cats are known for being independent creatures, but that doesn't mean they don't appreciate a little TLC now and then. After all, they are the ones who keep you warm at night, provide you with hours of amusement, and give you unconditional love, rain or shine. If you're looking for ways to show your cat how much you love them, look no further. We're here with a round-up of some of the top ways to show your furry friend how much you care. From simple gestures to spoil them rotten, read on for the best ways to show your cat you love them! 

10 Best Ways to Show Your Cat You Love Them

No matter if you're a new pet parent, befriending your feline and showering it with love is easy. From playing with them to feeding them delicious treats, the following ideas will make your cat's day. So try the below-listed ways to show your cat you love them: 

1.Groom Your Cat

Most cats are very good at grooming themselves, but there are some exceptions. Older cats, for example, may not be able to reach all of their body parts as easily as they used to. This can lead to mats and tangles forming in their fur, which can be painful and uncomfortable. Regular grooming will help to prevent this from happening and show your cat you love them. 

Grooming your cat is an important part of being a pet owner—and it's also a great way to bond with your furry friend. By taking the time to brush their fur regularly (or even just give them a quick once-over), you can help keep them healthy and looking their best—all while showing them just how much you love them!

groom your cat

2.Give Them Catnip

A cat's love is not something to be taken lightly. And one of the best ways to show your cat how much you love them is by giving them a little catnip. Just a small pinch will do. They may go wild for a few minutes, rolling around and purring with delight. But afterward, they'll be calm and content, and they'll know that you care about them. 

3.Give Your Cat A Slow Eye Blink

When we look at someone we love, our brain releases oxytocin, which is sometimes called the "love hormone." This hormone helps to create feelings of happiness and attachment. Slowing down our blink rate signals to our cat's brain that we are relaxed and comfortable around them, and it also triggers the release of oxytocin. In other words, it's a way of saying "I love you" in cat language. 

cat eye blink

4.Get Your Cat A Buddy

If your cat seems lonely or isolated, one way to show them you care is to get them a buddy. Cats typically enjoy the company of other cats, and having another feline friend can help reduce stress and improve their overall health. In addition, having two cats can be beneficial for you as well, as it can help keep them occupied and out of mischief.

5.Serve Them Delicious Treats 

Just like humans, cats enjoy a delicious treat now and then. In fact, serving up a special snack is one of the best ways to show your cat you love them. If you're like most cat owners, you love your feline friend dearly and want to do everything you can to make them happy. In addition to providing them with a comfortable home, another way to show your cat you love them is by serving them delicious treats. Luckily, there are lots of tasty options available that are specifically designed for felines. From crunchy kibble toppers to flavorful wet food, there's sure to be a treat that your cat will love. 

give your cat treats

6.Offer Cozy Cat Beds For Them

When you offer your cat a cozy bed, you give them a place to feel safe and loved. Cats are naturally independent creatures, but they still appreciate the comfort of having their own space. A cat bed provides them with a sense of security and belonging and gives them a place to relax. In addition, cat beds can keep your house clean by reducing the amount of shed fur and dander. 

7.Make Eating And Drinking Easier

Cats are finicky eaters and can be even more particular about their water. Many cats prefer running water to still water, and they may be hesitant to drink from a bowl sitting out. As a result, making sure your cat has access to fresh, clean water can be a challenge. A WOpet cat water fountain can provide a constant source of running water, encouraging your cat to drink more and stay hydrated. In addition, a food dispenser can regulate your cat's eating habits and prevent them from overeating.

wopet cat water drinking fountain

8.Create Hiding Spots For Them

Our feline friends like to have a place to hide away when they're feeling stressed or need some alone time. If you want to know how to show love to your cat, creating hiding spots where they can play and explore without feeling exposed is good. It's easy to create hiding spots that will keep your cat happy and show your cat you love them. One option is to use a cardboard box or toy chest, add a few holes for ventilation, and cut out a doorway for your cat to enter and exit. You can also use a blanket or towel to create a makeshift fort; drape the fabric over a couple of chairs or boxes. Your cat will love playing peek-a-boo with you inside their new hiding spot. 

9.Provide Scratching Things For Your Cat

Scratching removes the outer layer of your cat's claws, keeping them sharp, and provides a way for cats to mark their territory with scent glands in their paws. A scratching post or board will give your cat a place to scratch, and it can also help to protect your furniture from claw marks. Try sprinkling catnip on the post to encourage your cat to use it and show your cat you love them. 

10.Use Interactive Toys To Play With Your Cat

Another easy way to show your cat you love them is to play with them using dog interactive toys. This provides them with mental stimulation and shows that you are interested in spending time with them. When choosing toys for your cat, look for ones that encourage them to stalk, chase, and pounce. These kinds of activities not only provide exercise but also help to release pent-up energy and reduce stress levels. 

wopet dog interactive toys

Rounding Up

While cats are not as demonstrative as some other pets, there are still plenty of ways to show them how much you care. Regularly spend time playing with your cat and paying attention to their needs. Make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep and plenty of toys to keep them entertained. Showing your cat love and affection will help to create a strong bond between the two of you that will last a lifetime. We hope these ideas explained how to show your cat you love them and are worried about their well-being!