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How to Choose The Best Cat Water Fountain

Feb 03, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

This information is crucial if you’re considering purchasing a pet water fountain to see if it will benefit your cat.

Moreover, cat water fountains are always recommended as the primary drinking source because they need to stay hydrated, and it encourages them to drink more. Here are five quick reasons why your cats need a water fountain.

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs a Pet Water Fountain

The following are some of the most significant and typical reasons why you need the finest water fountain for cats:

Water is essential for your cat’s health

Staying hydrated is essential for avoiding kidney and urinary tract illnesses. When cats do not drink enough, the minerals in their urine begin to solidify and form stones, which can be fatal. Running water is far more enticing to cats and can help avoid health issues and a hefty vet bill.

cat drinking water

Most cats don’t drink enough

The majority of the moisture required by wild cats is obtained from the prey they hunt. Indoor cats need to drink a lot of water because they can’t capture mice, birds, or other prey. The best cat water fountain is necessary to encourage them to drink more.

Fresh & clean water is always available for your cat

You do not need to clean your cat’s water fountain as frequently. The reservoir at the pet fountains’ bottom is meant to prevent bacteria from growing. This eliminates the need for a thorough rinse every day.

refresh your cat's water

You don’t have to replace your cat’s water time and time

The constant flow of water through the fountain makes it more difficult for bacteria to establish themselves than in a bowl of standing water. Their filters eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors. The water is constantly filtered to remove most scents and flavors that would deter a cat from drinking. Since the filters are removable, you can always ensure the purest water.

Cats like flowing water and find it tastes better

Cats appreciate rushing water because they perceive it to be safe. Running water is fresh and clean, whereas still and stagnant water is more prone to carry diseases and nasty bacteria.

How to Choose the Best Cat Water Fountain

Water is a crucial aspect of any cat’s diet. If you don’t have a water fountain and are wondering if your cat would benefit from one, consider the following tips to choose the best cat water fountain:

Look for a fountain made from ceramic or stainless steel

Plastic ones should be avoided. It would be best if you got a ceramic or stainless-steel cat fountain. Plastic is readily scratched, and these scratches can harbor bacteria. Cats are prone to feline acne, which is caused by bacteria that can lie unnoticed in scratches on plastic water and feed bowls.

stainless steel cat fountain

Confirm if it makes loud sounds when water levels are low

With a lower water level at the bottom of the water feature, the water falling from the top of the fountain or waterfall will generate a louder crashing sound when it meets the liquid below. Fountains have moving water that generates noise. It can be not very pleasant to hear water running all the time. Before purchasing any product, determine whether the water or motor of the machine generates loud or bearable noises.

Can your cat reach the water easily?

Even though your cat is driven to moving water, several research claims that domesticated cats do not prefer fountain water over bowl water. Before buying a water fountain for your cat, remember that once the novelty wears off, it may just be a fancy water bowl for your cat. Also, make sure your cat can access to water easily.

If the fountain easy to clean

If it is difficult to use and clean, there is no reason to purchase it. Fountains typically come with filters that must be changed regularly. That is why you should always opt for a fountain with dishwasher-safe and easy-to-clean pieces, although getting one with a filter is still helpful and time-saving.

wopet cat water drinking fountain

Choose a water fountain with a quiet pump

Finding the best cat water fountain model that is simple to maintain is critical. The majority of fountains include a variable-speed pump. The sound of cascading water will become louder when the pump speed is increased. Some people may object to a noisy water fountain; in that case, choose a pump with a lower speed. Since cats are easily frightened, a water fountain with a quiet pump is preferred. Your cat will not be alarmed by the silent pump, which will encourage him to drink.

We Recommend WOpet Cat Water Fountain

Cats enjoy drinking running water because it piques their interest, stimulates their curiosity, and calms them down. WOPET cat water fountain can continually offer flowing water for cats and dogs to urge them to drink more water.

Moreover, the WOPET cat water fountain is composed of high-end material. This cat fountain mimics the natural preference of cats for drinking rushing water. It can keep the water flowing continually, making drinking more fascinating and delightful for cats.

wopet stainless steel water fountain

WOpet cat drinking fountain comes with a triple filtration system that helps double the purification effect to get the freshest water for your cat. Its ultra-quiet pump keeps providing a water flow, which is below 40dB. What’s more, your cat can still get fresh and clean water with a storage capacity of about 80ml even if the power goes out. It is an ideal option for your cat as a water fountain.

Final Words

Running water is likely to be fresher and healthier than standing water, and a cat seeking to drink from the faucet is likely to exhibit this preference! That’s all, guys. You now have complete knowledge. So, what are you waiting for? Hopefully hope this post can assist you in your search for the best cat water fountain for your cat.