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How Much Water Should A Cat Drink A Day

Feb 03, 2023

Author:Lisa Martinez

Water is necessary for your cat’s wellbeing. It contributes to maintaining good health and replenishing fluids lost through urination and excrement. Your cat may have been consuming more water than usual. Do you worry about how much water a cat drinks daily? Excessive, frequent water intake is uncommon in cats, so keep track of how much your cat drinks regularly. Read on to learn more about potential issues with your cat’s water consumption and how much water a cat should drink a day.

Part 1: How Much Water Should A Cat Drink A Day?

In addition to the type of food, the amount of water required is determined by a variety of other factors. Experts explain the key elements to remember and offer suggestions for making water more appealing to reluctant drinkers. Here’s a decent guide to determining how much water a cat should drink per day:

Kitten up to three months: 60ml-70ml

Baby kittens under the age of four weeks must drink their mother’s milk or be hand-fed kitten milk replacement formula if she is not available. They’ll need plenty of water to stay hydrated after they start eating solid foods. It would be best if you gave your kitty 70ml. You must give your tiny buddy fresh water every day because she’ll be less inclined to drink icky old stagnant water that’s been sitting around.

Six-month-old kitten: 125ml-135ml

Kitties evolved from desert creatures; thus, they don’t consume a lot of water daily. According to Catster, the average kitten eating solid foods needs between 2 and 3 ounces of water per day in addition to the water currently included in his diet. As part of your cat’s everyday diet, make sure they get adequate water. The cat may become dehydrated if not given enough water to drink.

refresh your cat's water

Medium cat: 200ml

A cat should drink 60mls/kg of water each day on average. That means a 4kg cat should drink 200mls (about one cup) of water per day to ensure its body functions properly. The fluid keeps your cat’s skin supple and elastic. If you feel your cat is dehydrated, pinch her lightly between her shoulder blades to form a tent. The skin should return to normal in one second or less when you release your grip. If not, she’s probably thirsty.

Large cat: 300ml-350ml

Every day, an adult cat requires between 50 and 70 milliliters of hydration per kilogram of body weight. For example, if your cat weighs 6 kg, she needs to drink 300ml each day. This amount will not be consumed all at once by your cat. She prefers a large number of little pieces. If your cat is currently on wet food but needs to drink more water, consider adding a little quantity of extra water to the meal. If your cat refuses to eat the food with water added, do not force it because the cat may develop a dislike for it or, worse, go on a hunger strike!

large cat drink water

Part 2: How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Getting Enough Water?

This section will explain everything you need to know as a responsible cat owner to keep your cat healthy, happy, and relaxed when the temperature rises.

1. Your cat’s skin elasticity

Skin tenting is a helpful test for determining whether or not your cat is dehydrated. To do this, gently pull up a small bit of your cat’s skin under their shoulders and let go. The skin will rapidly snap back into place if your cat is hydrated. If the skin slowly slides back down, your cat may be dehydrated. If your cat’s skin remains in a tent position and does not fall back down, this could indicate severe dehydration.

2. Your cat should exhibit normal physical activity

Lethargy in cats is never natural, but it is occasionally expected. More active cats will require more water.

However, the most straightforward approach to ensure that your cats should not go thirsty is to have various water sources throughout the house. It may also be beneficial to participate in a lot of active play with your more timid cats to increase their confidence.

3. Is your cat urinating 2-3 times per day

Since the water was scarce, they devised ingenious techniques to keep themselves hydrated. As a result, most adult indoor cats urinate on average twice daily. The pee of a healthy cat should be clear and pale yellow. If your cat’s pee is straw-colored, don’t be concerned; your feline is in perfect health. Polyuria occurs when your cat urinates in more significant quantities than usual. Excessive urination is usually caused by the body’s inability to regulate urine production.

cat sick

Part 3: How to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water?

There are several methods for getting your cat to drink water. According to Animal Planet, changing your kitty’s habitat may encourage her to drink more water. One approach to accomplish this is to provide your cat with several drinking stations: install water bowls throughout the home, even in spots that may be unfamiliar to her and may pique her interest. A diversity of bowl materials, such as ceramic, metal, and glass, may also inspire her to experiment and taste.

Many cats are drawn to the movement and freshness of flowing water, which is why you may have seen them drink directly from the faucet! Numerous pet water fountains are available online or at your local pet store. As a good pet owner, you can use a pet water fountain. WOpet Water Cat & Dog Fountain is the recommended product.

wopet water cat & dog fountain


WOpet cat water fountain is composed of high-end materials that are ABS-free and corrosion-resistant.

It continuously offers flowing water that can effectively encourage cats to drink more water.

Its triple filtration system guarantees that your pets always have clean, fresh water.

The cat water fountain (67oz/2L) is large enough for pets of all ages and multi-pet households.

This pet fountain is simple to install and use.

Drinking fountains are ideal for encouraging your cat to drink and keeping her occupied. If you place the water stations near the doorways, your cat will be reminded to drink whenever she walks to another room.