WOpet Castle Automatic Feeder for Pet Dry Food Dispenser 5L


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✨Keep Your Cat or Dog Get Well-Fed on Time, Every time!

No more worries about if your beloved pets get well-fed when you are away. WOPET automatic food dispenser feeds your dog or cat on a schedule and helps them develop healthy eating habits. By dispensing the right amount of food at the right time using WOPET smart feeder, there is no more overeating or missed feeding!


Feeding Your Beloved Pets Automatically is A Breeze


10s Personalized Messages

Record your voice to remind your pets for food at meal time.

Safe Storage of Food

Make sure your pets won’t get the food by themselves until the set time.


Easy Cleaning

Hand-wash removable parts are easy to clean thoroughly.

Dual Power Supply

Battery backup ensures the feeder still functions in case of a power outage.


Visualized Food Tank

Easily monitor the food level with observable food tank and refill in time.


Keep Dry Food Fresh

Keep your pets’ food always fresh with an included desiccant bag.

Keep Your Pets Stay Happy & Healthy with Every Meal

Maintain a healthy eating habit for your pets with scheduled feeding times


Food Capacity

10 Seconds

Record Customizable Message


Per Day


Max. Per Meal

Take Care of Your Furry Friend Using WOpet Smart Pet Feeder

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