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✨Monitor your pet's nutritional intake every day

Feeding your pet has never been so easy and all you need is your mobile phone. WOpet Patrol Smart feeder is designed to connect your Wi-Fi and manage all the functions of this feeder from your smartphone. Using the Pet Zero App, you can program up to 15 meal plans per day.

Custom Message Recording

Your pet will not feel lonely when the food portion is dispensed

Low Food Sensor

You’ll also receive an alert if the hopper becomes empty.

Smartphone Programming

Program up to 15 meals on schedule with 1-50 portions per meal.

Features in numbers

Save Time, Stay Close


Food Capacity


Per Portion


Per Day


Max. Per Meal

Best way to maintain a regular feeding schedule

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a battery backup to keep it powered for feeding if electricity goes out.  WiFi will be disconnected when on battery but will reconnect when power is restored.

Yes. I’ve been in areas where I’ve lost signal and when I get back online, I see the scheduled feedings happened.

Yes, press the + to add feeding times. You can pick Monday thru Sunday, set times to feed and portions. Works great!

I get alerted via the app. I’ve only had the unit for a few weeks and until I adjusted the feeding amount it would tell me that it didn’t feed due to the amount of food still in the bowl.

Yes, you can set how many “Portions” are dispensed at each feeding. Each portion is a believe 5 oz, and you can set it to dispense at least 10 portions a feeding. All of that can be done easily in the smart phone app.

Yes, you an schedule it to dispense from 1-50 portions at a time. Once programmed in, it will dispense automatically as many times a day as you set it to do.

Yes, comes with a dual voltage adapter with micro USB cable. Battery works as a backup. Please note: the device is not accessible and can’t be operated from the app when powered solely on battery. However, the device will still work as pre-scheduled.

9 reviews for WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder WiFi Remote Control | Patrol

  1. Kimberly

    I order this off of Amazon after their >4k 4.5 star reviews caught my eye. The product itself is so sturdy but also aesthetically pleasing. I have three small dogs (7-15 lbs) and the 6L capacity is perfect. Product installation is simple and the cellphone app is seamless. Everything is very user friendly. You’re able to set a schedule for how much, what time and on what days of the week. There’s also options for manual feeds. On the product itself there is also a dispense button for when your phone isn’t handy or it’s easy enough to detach the bowl itself and scoop from the 6L storage bin. Customer service has also been great. They were prompt and professional. Definitely recommend!

  2. Jazareli

    This item is so convenient when you travel and can’t be at home for a few days or a week, it’s amazing and the cats get used to the sound when it’s dispensing the food. They run right away to go to eat. You only have to worry to keep it full every other week. Super easy to set meals and portions 👌🏻

  3. Karli Smith

    I bought this because it has all the features necessary for a multi-cat hierarchical household on a diet: small portions, ability to programme many meals, easy to use app to adjust feeding amounts and time, and the app sends an alert when food is running low. We’ve used it about 3 weeks now and the feeder has been running very well so far.

    Wopet customer service was a great help too and you can sign up on their website for an extended warranty.

  4. Tim

    This feeder was a gift had trouble setting it up at first contacted support after several emails back and forth finally got it to work. Great product! Makes feeding the cats so much easier due to long work days.

  5. Ruben Mingo

    I luv this feeder. They have awesome customer service also!! Great product

  6. Michelle C.

    I purchased this off Amazon for many reasons:
    1. It’s an automatic feeder that you can control with your phone even when you’re away.
    2. Setting schedules for it to feed your pet(s) including portions
    3. Easy setup just make sure to read about Wi-Fi.
    4. My cats love it!
    5. I love it!
    If you are on the fence just get it! You’ll be so glad you did.

  7. Lola

    Works great! I purchased 2 so both my cats could have their space while eating, portion control, and so they wouldn’t wake me at 6 AM screaming for food.

  8. Phillip Koenig (verified owner)

    We have four cats we feed three times a day. We can leave for three to four days and they will be fed on time.
    How old are the other one so we can leave for a longer period of time. Haven’t mounted in a container outside. The food drops down to a bowl.
    Software App is easy…

  9. Amanda

    Super easy app to program and manage. Helped my chungy boy lose weight with the smaller portions, and it doesn’t compromise my schedule anymore either (dinner plans, morning oversleeping, forgetting, etc.) He’s very independent now and doesn’t associate me with food, he associates the machine. Now he just comes to me for love and cuddles. This is totally on me and NOT the product: DO NOT put additives in the kibble like immunity powders or salmon oil — any supplements really. Anything other than kibble will adversely affect the hopper’s delivery or cause it to get stuck.

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