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✨Monitor your pet's nutritional intake every day

Feeding your pet has never been so easy and all you need is your mobile phone. WOpet Patrol Smart feeder is designed to connect your Wi-Fi and manage all the functions of this feeder from your smartphone. Using the Pet Zero App, you can program up to 15 meal plans per day.

Custom Message Recording

Your pet will not feel lonely when the food portion is dispensed

Low Food Sensor

You’ll also receive an alert if the hopper becomes empty.

Smartphone Programming

Program up to 15 meals on schedule with 1-50 portions per meal.

Features in numbers

Save Time, Stay Close


Food Capacity


Per Portion


Per Day


Max. Per Meal

Best way to maintain a regular feeding schedule

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a battery backup to keep it powered for feeding if electricity goes out.  WiFi will be disconnected when on battery but will reconnect when power is restored.

Yes. I’ve been in areas where I’ve lost signal and when I get back online, I see the scheduled feedings happened.

Yes, press the + to add feeding times. You can pick Monday thru Sunday, set times to feed and portions. Works great!

I get alerted via the app. I’ve only had the unit for a few weeks and until I adjusted the feeding amount it would tell me that it didn’t feed due to the amount of food still in the bowl.

Yes, you can set how many “Portions” are dispensed at each feeding. Each portion is a believe 5 oz, and you can set it to dispense at least 10 portions a feeding. All of that can be done easily in the smart phone app.

Yes, you an schedule it to dispense from 1-50 portions at a time. Once programmed in, it will dispense automatically as many times a day as you set it to do.

Yes, comes with a dual voltage adapter with micro USB cable. Battery works as a backup. Please note: the device is not accessible and can’t be operated from the app when powered solely on battery. However, the device will still work as pre-scheduled.


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