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Why Is My Dog So Clingy And How to Fix It

Feb 04, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

Dogs are known for their loyalty, but does yours appear to be a little too fascinated with you? When you get home, do they erupt in laughter? Did they destroy your shoes, claw the door, or bite the corner off an end table while you were gone? There's a chance you have a "Velcro dog." While a clingy dog may be suffering from a behavioral issue, it could also be a sign of a more serious underlying condition. Let's take a closer look at what this means and whether you should be concerned about your dog's clinginess.

Why Is My Dog So Clingy? 8 Possible Reasons for That

Your dog is clingy for a variety of reasons. It could be a learned behavior or a symptom of a problem.

1. The Ravages of Time

Puppies can imprint on their owners and treat them as if they were their mother between the ages of 6 months and birth. They must tolerate humans and other animals as part of the imprinting process. As their world is increasingly strange to them, older dogs with vision or hearing loss and those with cognitive decline can become attached. When dogs are sick or bored, they may become clingy.

2. Anxiety About Being Apart

Separation anxiety is another cause for the question, "Why is my dog being clingy?" Anxiety can make a dog scream, salivate, pace restlessly, repeat obsessive behaviors near exits and against the owner's belongings, and cry out, salivate, and pace restlessly. These behaviors typically occur within 30 minutes of the dog's owner leaving and can affect dogs of any age or breed.

3. Breeds of Clingy Dogs

Working, herding, and hound dogs have all been bred to work alongside their owners. They take their cues from their owners' body language and directions. Many toy breeds have been bred specifically to be lap dogs. Some breeds, such as German Shepherds and Akitas, are known to form strong bonds with their owners. As if these factors weren't enough, some dog breeds are clingy. Shih Tzus, for example, are lapdogs who require a lot of attention. Working dogs who have been trained to be dependent might often become clinging.

breeds of clingy dog

4. Illness

You might be thinking, ' why is my dog so clingy all of a sudden?' When a dog develops an illness, it may seek safety by remaining close to its owner. While aging is not an ailment in and of itself, it can weaken a dog and make it more vulnerable to illness.

5. Dog Pregnancy

It's one of the reasons you're concerned about the clingy dog. Clinging pets are sometimes reported by owners who are pregnant. Dogs are claimed to be able to detect hormonal shifts in their owners and become more protective and clingier as a result.

6. Change in Daily Rountine

Since of their previous life experiences, shelter and rescue dogs may exhibit Velcro behavior. Fear of being abandoned may haunt them. On the other hand, dogs can become clingy if they sense their anxiety or tension. Dogs may become clingy if their routine is disrupted or if changes in the home or household cause them to worry.

7. Boredom

However, boredom is another reason for your dog's clinginess. If dogs aren't given enough mental and physical exercise, they may become bored. They'll hop up and follow you around wherever you go since they're seeking something to do. Your dog's primary source of entertainment is you, so if he gets excited when following you around, it could mean he's bored and looking for anything to do. If that's the case, try one of these indoor games to keep your dog occupied.

8. Dog in Heat

This cause for a suddenly overly clingy dog only applies to females and occurs when they begin to go into heat - their time of the month / leading up to their menstruation period. During the stages of heat, female dogs will often desire to stay near their owners for comfort.

dog in heat

Solutions to Help Your Dog Be Less Clingy

If your dog is clinging but doesn't have separation anxiety, there are some activities you can do to help them become more independent. Clinginess in dogs can be reduced in a variety of ways.

Solution 1: Call Your Vet

If your dog appears to be ill, you should contact your veterinarian. The patients should be aware of crucial warning signs and discuss the issue with their veterinary clinic because they are familiar with your pet's specific needs.

Solution 2: Stick with New Routine

If you consistently adhere to your new pattern, your dog will adjust to the adjustment and stop being so clingy. You can also hire a pet sitter, take your dog to work, or enroll your dog in doggie daycare to reduce the emotional energy around your arrivals and departures.

Solution 3: Create A Specific Room for Your Dog

Instead of following you around, set up a place with your dog's bed and favorite toys where your dog can go. To send your dog to this area, use a cue like "Go to your special location" and immediately reward them with a treat when they arrive.

Solution 4: Increase Exercises with Your Dog

Increased activity will assist your dog in being less clingy. Dogs associate diverse acts with distinct rewards: grabbing your keys or putting on shoes, for example, indicates that you're about to leave them. Make these movements normal for your dog to desensitize him to them. A decent workout wills tire your dog down to the point where they are less interested in following you around. Make sure the activity is suitable for your dog's age and medical history. For the best exercises for your dog, talk to your veterinarian.

Solution 5: Get Dog Automatic Feeders

Consider buying automatic dog feeders that stimulate the mind or slow feeders. Those items will keep your dog entertained for hours. Your dog's clinginess will be reduced. Automatic feeders are ideal for overweight pets since they deliver food in controlled amounts and portions, ensuring that your pet does not overheat. WOpet WiFi Smart Feeder is a good option for you.

wopet wifi smart feeder

It allows you to schedule your dog's feeding times and frequency with ease. You can remotely program feeding times, portion sizes, and food supply for your pet using your smartphones and computers. So that you are able to feed your dog even you are away! It lets you to record 10S customized messages to call your dog that it’s time for meal.

The dog auto feeder also work as a smart pet camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, play with your pet.


In some cases, putting nightlights in dark places can help aging dogs with eyesight loss. Maintain the same general layout and furniture in your home. Dogs that have lost their sight learn to navigate their environment using their other senses, but they might become disoriented when even a chair is moved. Moreover, maintaining your dog's mental and physical challenges can help him gain confidence. You can incorporate several simple indoor activities into your routine to keep your dog occupied.

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