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Why Is My Dog Always Hungry And How to Deal with It?

Feb 04, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

Pets are natural comedians, so some pets are so naughty and show attitude when hungry. So you may ask yourself a question, "Why does my dog always act hungry?" The short answer is we are not completely sure. So in this content, we will discuss some reasons and signs of a dog's hungry and give you an online shopping site to feed the best automatic feeders for the furry friend.

Why Is My Dog Always Hungry?

1.Health concerns

Some doggies love food and will always eat when you present them with the best treats, but if your canine is starved all the time, it could be due to some common health issue. Many conditions given below can induce your canine's appetite to increase.


Cushing's Disease



Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

Intestinal cancer

Bacterial overgrowth

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

You should talk to your veterinarian if you feel some abnormal health issues.

2.Old age

Many pet lovers believe a popular myth senior dogs need the same amount of food as younger tykes but with smaller calories. Dogs' metabolisms decelerate as they age, making them less operative at processing certain feeds.

Participating in your home with an old canine is an honour. You've been through a lot together, and your senior dog has become a beloved family member. Unfortunately, old age is constantly accompanied by health problems. Like humans, aged doggies experience a decline in appetite and show signs a dog is hungry. However, if an old canine is sleeping a lot and not eating, you'll want to take your doggy to the vet for a checkup if the old canine is not eating well.

old dog

3.Food quality

Aged dogs aren't the only ones that need good nutrition. Every canine friend needs the best nutrients for health, growth, and energy. Highly recycled pet foods use high heat that can damage nutrients and synthetic components that are more challenging for your pet to digest.

Lightly cooked food with fresh constituents offer better nutrition and is easier for your doggy to condensation. Here are some best automatic feeders available to help your furry friend eat and chill the food of his will. The WOPET automatic pet feeders dispense your pet with the proper amount of food at pre-set times. No matter what you are doing –working, busy with the kids, or on vacation.

4.When the home environment changed

However, separation anxiety might be the cause, If your doggy refuses to eat unless its owner is present. Like people, some canines do not feel like eating when they are anxious. Some doggies, especially those with traumatic histories, might only feel safe enough to eat when a trusted human is around.

5.New pets in a family

It may take a few days or months for an old dog and new doggy to really settle in and allow each other's position in the new place. Your furry friend also refuses to eat when your guests come home to see you. They get nervous due to gathering, and it affects their eating feeds. Now we will discuss how to deal with a dog that is always hungry?

new pets at home

How to Deal with A Dog That is Always Hungry

If you have to take control of the problem, your furry friend will happily gobble up anything you offer them and still want others (especially if your dog is overweight). Below are some solutions to fix the problem.

Consult your vet about food portions

Talk to your veterinarian about their nutritional requirements, create a regular feeding routine and schedule, and stick to it. Make sure that no one in the house is giving them table scraps or handouts, and only offer them healthy treats rarely for satisfying good behaviour. WOPET Automatic Pet Feeders are available to help control body weight and establish good eating habits fot your dog. It can dispenses the proper amount of food to your pet at pre-set times. No matter where you are.

WOPET Automatic Pet Dry Food Feeder

Use slow-feeding bowl

You can also try implementing a slow-feeding bowl with pillars that your doggy must eat to slow down their eating. Another easy solution is putting a tennis ball in their food bowl to get around to get to their food.

Start a new feeding schedule and stick to it

When you start a new feeding schedule, you should leave the food out for them until they walk down from the bowl. Then, take the bowl off whether the dog ate everything or not. Doing this helps reinforce the idea that it's mealtime and your doggy won't be getting any other food until it's time for the coming feed.