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What Should I Feed My Dog [Beginner's Guide]

Feb 04, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

While a dog's finicky eating habits are generally not the result of its behavior, they might sometimes make it difficult to feed one. Then here is the question: what should I feed my dog? Below we will give you the answer.

What Should I Feed My Dog

1. Commercial dog food

It may not seem like much, but commercial dog food is made to cover all of a dog's nutritional demands. What sort of food should I give my dog? Is the answer provided in this sentence? Most items contain vitamins, cereals, vegetables, fruits, and meat. According to the American College of Veterinary Nutrition, commercial pet food options are safe and nutritious.
Moreover, the majority of dog food companies sell specially made puppy diets for every stage of a dog's life, which makes it simpler to limit your options.

commercial dog food

2. Dog food with special dietary needs

Domestic dogs can obtain nutrition from cereals, fruits, and vegetables in addition to the meat that makes up the majority of their diet. These vegetarian and vegan foods can be a valuable source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals in addition to serving as fillers. Meat, fruits, grains, and vegetables make up a high-quality dog meal. Special diets can help with various diseases, including obesity, food allergies, bladder stones, kidney problems, and neurological disorders.

3. Raw food

It is possible to make, buy, freeze-dry, dehydrate, or buy raw dog food. Organ and muscle meats, entire or ground bones, raw eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables that are acceptable for dogs, as well as dairy products like yogurt, are typically included in a raw diet. Some advantages cited by proponents of raw food diets are some advantages of shinier coats, healthier skin, better dental health, more vitality, and smaller stools.

4. Canned food

Which dog food should I give my dog? Are you having this issue? If so, the solution is as follows: Canned food is a typical wet meal with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for your pet's life. It resembles kibble quite a bit as well. Food in cans is often free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Make cautious not to overfeed your pet with either dry or wet food. Your dog's weight will be maintained more effectively with canned food.

5. Dog food, both dry and wet

Dog owners need to use modest amounts of dry food to satisfy their dogs' demands and ensure that they are satisfied because of the high energy content. Dry food is, therefore, a more affordable choice. However, the majority of dogs would likely select wet food because it appeals to them more due to its stronger flavor and aroma. The high-water content, in particular, has a favorable impact since it makes it simpler to meet a dog's fluid needs with wet food because the food already provides the body with a significant amount of liquid.

6. Homemade dog food

The nutrition of your dog is crucial to preserving its physical health. Therefore, feeding a dog a homemade diet is a terrific alternative to commercial kibble if done correctly. While this will vary from dog to dog, as a general rule of thumb, your dog should be fed about 1 cup of prepared food for every 10 pounds they weigh.

homemade dog food

Other Considerations for Dog Food

What food should I not give my dog? It is answered in this section.

Avoid toxic and processed foods for your dog

The health of the dog depends on a healthy diet. Dog owners typically feed their canines a mixture of prepared dishes and commercial feeds. Some household foods are beneficial for people but not for dogs. Therefore, dog owners should watch what their dogs eat and prevent them from consuming things that are bad for their health. Stay away from poisonous foods and processed foods like ONIONS, GARLIC and many more for your dog.

Taking your dog's allergies and medical issues into account

It will be a crisis if your dog's scratching is causing wounds. Watch your dog's itchiness, and if you see that they can't seem to stop, it's essential to take them to the vet as soon as possible to determine the issue's source. Keep an eye on your dog's allergies and medical issues at all times.

Avoid foods that are salty, spicey, sugary and fattening

What should I not feed my dog? Is the answer Sharing food, especially spicy food, with pets may result in more issues than you may expect? Spicy meals may be hazardous to dogs and may result in stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and gas. Additionally, consuming too much spicy food may make your dog throw up.

On the other hand, dogs do not naturally consume table sugar or contemporary sweeteners. Granulated sugar consumption may upset the stomach and disrupt the balance of intestinal bacteria.

However, there is a simple way to feed your dog. The WOpet Patrol Pet Smart Feeder allows you to connect to your Wi-Fi and program your dog's meals on schedule from your smartphone. You can set up to 15 meal plans each day with the Pet Zero App. The good news is that your pet won't feel lonely when the food portion is given out, because it lets you to record a 10s message for reminding that it’s time for meal. Additionally, you'll be informed whenever the hopper runs out.

wopet cat dog smart feeder