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How to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water? 11 Best Ways Here

Feb 08, 2023

Author:Lisa Martinez

Most dogs will drink enough and stay hydrated on their own, but sometimes your dogs aren’t thirsty. Drinking enough water will also help your dog’s digestion, circulatory system, brain function, and the health of its other vital organs. When your dog is dehydrated, he will typically seek out water, so why would he refuse to drink? This guide will teach you how to get your dog to drink more water.

How Can I Get My Dog To Drink Additional Water?

1. Offer Multiple Bowls Of Water Around The House

Put the water where they can get it – seems obvious, right? Have you considered placing multiple water bowls around the house, on different floors, or in common areas? Keeping water at the forefront of your pup’s mind can influence their drinking habits. Another thing to consider is raising the bowl to wrist/elbow height (especially for senior dogs) to reduce stress on their bodies when they drink.

Some tiny dog breeds prefer different sizes and types of water bowls. It may take a few tries to find the type and size your pet prefers, but once you do, you may notice he’s drinking a lot more water and staying hydrated.

offer multiple bowls

2. Add Some Ice Cubes To The Water

Throwing a few ice cubes on the floor or in the water bowl is easy to get your dog excited about drinking more water. They’ll probably enjoy chewing on them, and they’re a great little snack for a hot day in Michigan. You can encourage your dog to drink more water in this manner.

3. Add Wet Food To Their Diet

Adding water to their breakfast and dinner can help in these areas, especially in older dogs who are losing their teeth, having digestive issues, or being instructed to eat their food more slowly. After they’ve finished their new breakfast slushy, chances are they won’t be too picky about drinking their favorite food-flavored water. Kibble or dry food does not provide moisture to your best friend but changing his diet to include some wet food can help him stay hydrated.

add wet food to their diet

4. Try A Pet Water Fountain

Some tiny dog breeds prefer different sizes and types of water bowls. It may take a few tries to find the type and size your pet prefers, but once you do, you may notice he’s drinking a lot more water and staying hydrated. Many dogs prefer running water to standing water and using a water fountain may encourage them to drink more water. It would be best if you got a WOpet dog water fountain. The cat water dispenser has many benefits, including an activated carbon filter and a sponge to capture hair and impurities, which helps remove odors and soften water quality. Double filtration ensures that your pets always have clean, fresh water.

wopet cat dog water fountain

5. Clean The Water Bowl Frequently

Examining the water bowl’s cleanliness is also crucial. It’s a straightforward answer, but it could work. Since your dog can be terrified of loudness, stay away from utilizing metal water dishes. If possible, use a glass water bowl. Changing your dog’s water frequently throughout the day will keep it fresher, more relaxed, and healthier. Make sure you wash the water bowl regularly, and if you haven’t bought a new bowl in a while, try to find one.

6. Feed Hydrating Treats

You can also give your dog water-rich fruits and vegetables like watermelon or strawberries to help him stay hydrated, which will encourage him to drink more water. Another food-related tip is to freeze the chicken broth, bone broth, or peanut butter in a kong (a dog toy with a hollow area that can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats).

keep your dog hydrated

7. Get Your Dog To Drink Some Low-Sodium Soup Broth

Buy premade, low-sodium beef, chicken, or turkey stock. To your dog’s existing water, only add a teaspoon. There should be an additional spoon or two. The “broth water” needs to be changed daily, so remember to do so. Furthermore, you might simmer low-sodium beef or chicken bouillon and then store the finished broth in the fridge for daily use. Each day, use between one and three teaspoons.

8. Try Frozen Treats

Make some tasty frozen popsicles with water and other nutritious ingredients like plain yogurt, dog-safe peanut butter, or fresh produce for a refreshing treat. This inspires your dog to drink more water.

9. When Your Dog Drinks, Reward Them with Treats

Regardless of the food format, mealtime is an excellent way to sneak in extra moisture. Try adding water, goat’s milk, or moisture-rich fruits like watermelon, pineapple, or berries to his meals. These tasty snacks provide plenty of nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants while also keeping him hydrated. Treatments or food are the only options when it comes to rewarding your pet.

10. Provide Flavored Water

Another helpful trick is to flavor your dog’s water with bone broth or lactose-free milk. You could also use green-lipped mussel powder, a supplement with a pleasant odor that your dog will enjoy. It would help if you tried this to get your dog to drink more water.

take water when going out with your dog

11. Contact the Vet

Remember to bring some water with you whenever you take your dog for a walk or adventure. Keeping your dog hydrated is especially important when he or she is active or outside in hot weather. If these tricks do not work, ask your veterinarian for advice.


If you notice your dog isn’t drinking or eating as much as it used to, try these hydration tips and tricks! You now understand how to encourage your dog to drink more water. Remember that many pets are picky eaters, so keep trying the suggestions above until you find something that works for you.