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How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

Feb 04, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

Wondering how often should I feed my dog?

Determining how often do I feed my dog isn’t always straightforward. In this post, we are going to share how often you should feed your dog and recommend how many cups of food you should feed your dog. The amount of food that you should feed your dog will largely depend on your dog's size, breed, age, metabolism, and activity level.

Breed of Dog is Important When Deciding How Often to Feed Your Dog

There is no hard and fast rule to how often you feed your dog. Breed plays a major role when deciding how often to feed your dog. Certain breeds naturally have higher energy levels and are more active. So, they need more food to meet their daily caloric intake.

How often to feed puppies

The regular diet of a puppy must include all the nutrients your puppy needs for growth and development. Feed your puppy three to four times a day up until the age of 12 weeks.

As your puppy gets older, you can gradually decrease the number of feedings. At the 16-week mark, reduce feedings from four to three times a day. When the puppy reaches the 6 to 12 months bracket, begin feeding them twice daily. Stick to a fixed feeding routine and give them regular potty breaks.


How often to feed adult dogs

When a dog reaches 90% of its expected adult weight, it’s considered an adult dog. Generally, adult dogs should be fed twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Talk to your vet about when to change over from puppy food and feeding routine to adult food and feeding routine.

Dogs with health issues or special dietary needs may require specialized feeding schedules or certain restrictions on what they eat. For seniors, the nutritional requirements generally change and evolve. Talk to your vet about your senior or sick dog’s specialized feeding schedules or restrictions.

adult dogs

Regular Meals are Important for Dogs

It might be hard to believe, but your four-legged companion actually craves and does better on a daily schedule. Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive on a regular feeding schedule. Feeding your dog at a fixed schedule provides predictability of a routine and a structure to their day. Chaotic routine and the fear of the unknown are quite stressful for a dog.

A regular schedule can keep your furry companion calm and happy. It prevents anxiety and helps your dog to regulate their bodily functions. A consistent feeding schedule will help maintain your dog's weight and digestive health. Also, it will help prevent potty accidents in the house.

Keep Your Dog Sticking to A Feeding Schedule Daily

Free-feeding, or leaving food available to dogs at all times, is usually not recommended by vets. It makes it difficult to track your dog's intake and can lead to obesity. By establishing the feeding routine from the very beginning, you’ll be on your way to a happy, well-adjusted dog. Remember that inconsistent eating times often mean inconsistent potty times.

If you want to help your dog follow a healthy feeding schedule, please try WOpet automatic pet feeder. The thoughtfully designed smart pet feeder gives you enhanced control over your dog’s feeding schedule. With this automatic pet feeder, you can schedule and manage feeding times, portion sizes, and food supply for your dog.

wopet automatic pet feeder

Here are some of the advantages of the WOpet automatic pet feeder:


Intelligent programming: Remotely set times to feed your pet automatically. It helps control your dog's body weight and establish good eating habits.

Recording and voice interaction: The design of the pet feeder is both futuristic and friendly. You can make a recording of your voice calling your dog to their mealtime. It lets your pet feel like you're always by their side, whether you are away or not available.

Stay connected to your pet: It is equipped with a smart HD camera that lets you see, talk, and play with your pet 24/7, from wherever you are. It features a 120 wide-angle camera board field of view.

Always ensure your dog is well hydrated. Clean, fresh water should be made available to your dog at all times. Try WOpet stainless steel dog water fountain to encourage your dog to drink more water.

wopet brook pet water fountain

Final Thoughts

You can help your four-legged pal live his best life! Feeding your dog a healthy and balanced diet at regular meal times is an obvious choice when considering your pet’s wellbeing. It’s worth putting in the time and effort on a regular feeding schedule so that undesirable habits and behaviors won’t stand a chance. A consistent feeding schedule and the right kind of nutrients help keep your dog healthy.