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Best Automatic Dog Feeders for Large Dogs for 2024

Feb 04, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

We all know that taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility. One of the most frustrating things that dog owners struggle with is feeding their canines. Sometimes you forget to feed them because you have a lot of things to do. Sometimes you feel guilty for putting too much food in their bowl. Automatic dog feeders are a great addition to your house and for your dog, because you don’t have to worry about feeding him ever again. The beauty of automatic dog feeders is that all you have to do is set a time when your dog has to receive a meal. Feeders dispense a specific amount of treats for your dog to eat.

Benefits of Using Automatic Dog Feeder for Large Dogs

1. Schedule multiple meals in advance

By serving consistent portions of food at regular intervals, automatic dog feeders give you the flexibility to go out for a night or a weekend without putting your dog through the stresses of a night in a kennel. Many feeders can schedule multiple meals in advance; for example, our Wopet automatic pet feeder schedules up to four automated feedings using the built-in programmable timer, while our Wopet WOpet WiFi Smart Feeder schedules up to six automated feedings. So if you have a night out, you can do so without any feelings of guilt, knowing that your canine friend will be fed on time.

2. Manage your pet’s weight

About 55 percent of dogs are overweight, which can result in serious health risks, including heart and respiratory disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. Automatic dog feeders help manage weight by giving your dog the portioned feeding he needs. If your dog gulps his food or eats too fast, a feeder can help him slow down. Slowing down your dog’s eating improves digestion and prevents vomiting and stomach bloat.

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3. No early morning wake-ups

Dogs often associate their owners with food, which can lead to being awoken or greeted by a hungry, stressed dog. Automatic dog feeders give your canine each meal automatically without you being present. This means a lot, especially when you need time to relax or sleep. Your dog will learn the routine of going to the feeder for food instead of coming to you.

4. Helps to establish regular feeding times

We all lead active lifestyles, and our schedules can sometimes prevent us from keeping set feeding routines for our dogs. We cannot always guarantee that our dogs will get their meals at the same time every day. Automatic dog feeders give you a peace of mind knowing that your four-legged friend will be fed whether you’re away or at work.

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How to Choose The Best Automatic Dog Feeders for Large Dogs

When choosing an automatic dog feeder, one should consider the following;

1. The ability to schedule multiple meals and adjustable portion sizes

Each dog feeder is designed with a specific ability in mind. It’s important to understand your dog’s routine and food requirements before making a purchase. Some systems have a pre-programmed ninety-hour meal schedule while others have an important role of Xx number of meals every Xx hours. Your requirements will eventually influence your decision. You’ll need a feeder with more room if you are going to be out for an extended period of time. You can get a computer with a smaller size if you don’t leave the house more often.

2. Distribute meals to your exact specifications

The number of times an automatic dog feeder can dispense food every day is also something you should consider. Most of these feeders will release food at least a couple of times per day. You will have to hunt down a little harder for a feeder with a greater amount of feeding times per day if you want to feed your canine more often than that.

3. Safe to use

It is vital to go for a dog feeder with a non-toxic, smooth-sided, and dog-friendly feeding dish. High-quality stainless steel and plastic dishes are the most recommended types of dishes. You should also ensure to look for a feeder with a Sturdy design that can’t be easily tipped over. Large dogs can, at times, push the feeder. In this case, the lid can become loose and fall off; then, the food spreads out. You should therefore ensure to find a feeder with a Sturdy design that can’t be easily tipped over.

4. Easy to use and clean

Although automatic dog feeders provide a convenient way to feed your dog, the devices must be cleaned and maintained to ensure your canine eats healthy meals. Ensure to look for a stainless-steel dish or a feeder with a dishwasher-friendly material for easy cleaning. Feeders that disassemble are easy to clean than those with a single-piece unit.

Best Automatic Dog Feeders for Large Dogs: Our Favorite!

If you are looking for a feeder to help your dog follow a healthy feeding schedule, try WOPET automatic pet feeder. It has a nifty voice recording feature. All you have to do is just the mic button on the control panel to record a custom message for your dog. This message will play as each feeding dispenses. This removable feeder is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The main food storage compartment can hold as many as twenty cups of food and is removable for easy cleaning and refilling.

Besides, the smart dog feeder is equipped with an HD camera that lets you keep tabs on your four-legged friend 24/7, from wherever you are. Reach us on our website for more information about this product and other products!

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