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Cats See; Cats Do: Cats Can Mimic People's Behavior

Jan 30, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

Some owners report having seen some scenes of their cats reading a book with their paws on it. Additionally, they can also be seen sitting across the dining table, ready to join you and your guests. Cats also cross their legs when you do so and can learn how to open the food cabinet door by watching you do it. There are so many other examples, according to cat owners, and that’s right! They ARE imitating our behaviors.

cat opens door

Research shows that cats can imitate some actions of the owner under controlled scientific conditions. Significantly few species have been observed copying human behavior, and now the domesticated cat is one of them. What’s more, researchers have also found that cats (living with their owners) can mimic their owner’s habits and adapt to their lifestyle. More specifically, cats’ sleeping and eating patterns are pretty similar to the owners’.

cat reads a book with their paws

Learning from other cats or humans is known as copycat behavior. In fact, they start learning right from their birth. Additionally, kittens learn grooming behavior to clean themselves from their mother. Through observation, cats can repeat a specific behavior and then learn it. It’s essential for hunting and surviving in the wild environment. That’s why owners can take advantage of it to train cats, like using a litter box (it doesn’t mean you really need to poop on it). But there’s also a headache; cats can learn to open the food carrier to get food.

cats learns to turn on the faucet

There are also other reasons that push cats to imitate their owner’s behavior.

To gain attention and approval. Pets like cats and dogs pay much attention to what their owners are doing and how they react to some of their behaviors. Imagine if your significant other is reading a book or is staring at their mobile phone. What would you do? You will try to divert their attention from their book or phone by dancing or singing. In the same way, cats can copy your behavior to get your attention and approval. And the moment you begin to notice them and start taking their picture, they are satisfied.

To gain benefits. You won’t ask me what benefits can cats get if they learn how to open the food cabinet or if they know how to turn on the faucet. Cats are a clever and smart species; they are always down to experiment!

If you have similar experiences of your cat imitating you, come and show us! It better be hilarious.