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[Full Guide] Best Feeding Times and Frequency for Your Cat

Feb 04, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

If you schedule your cat feeding times. So, your cat will be used to eating according to her eating schedule & her body becomes conditional to expect food at those times.

You are not alone if you are also struggling with “When are the best cat feeding times”. You can feed your cat a minimum of once a day or a maximum of five times a day. Let's get straight into the article to know HOW.

Factors That Affect How Often to Feed Your Cat:

How many times to feed

Health & Body condition

Activity Level

How many times to feed cat | Age Matters

While deciding a cat feeding time. It’s necessary to keep your cat's age in mind. Different ages of the cat can bear different amounts of adequate calories and nutrients. To encourage a healthy digestive system and avoid any health issues make sure to follow a constant feeding schedule.

Younger than one year:

If you own a kitten then you need to feed the kitten more than adult cats. Because kittens need more food per pound of body weight. Kitten’s growth will be affected badly by their poor eating schedule.

Younger than six months:

If your kitten is younger than six months. So, you should feed the kitten at least four or at most five times a day to ensure their healthier growth.

Six months to 1 year:

If you own a six month or an elder kitten then 3 times of eating in a day would be enough.

Elder cats:

You can shift your cat feeding times once or twice a day after reaching one year of age. The recommended schedule for adult cats is twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

cat feeding times

Body Condition or Health Status of Your Cat

Sometimes you must tailor your cat’s feeding time to their requirements and needs. Your cat might be affected by some sick health conditions.

Dental issues:

The growth of the cat’s teeth was increasingly sensitive as compared to their age. Oft meals for the cat are one solution to overcome this issue. When it comes to feeding an elderly cat, consistency is important. Because their digestive system is sensitive and even can’t handle the smallest change.

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You should add “AA” diabetes to your cat feeding schedule to administer some insulin with food. Yet, it's hard to plan your cat’s eating schedule around the frequency and timing of insulin injections.


Hyperthyroidism is one of the major health issues. It causes endless hunger. If your cat is suffering from this condition, you must visit the vet for better treatment to ensure a healthy recovery.
You can keep your cat happy and healthy with food and make sure they don’t gain weight as a result of hunger. Sometimes a few snacks can help you satiate your cat cravings.

Activity Level of Your Cat

Creating proper cat feeding times. Selecting when is the best time to feed your cat might be a big challenge for you. But there is no rocket science either. All you need to do is follow a healthy diet plan and use the best product to keep track of the feeding schedule of your cat. If you want to know more about your cat's performance you just need to create a healthy feeding regime for your cat.

feed cat food

Create & Follow a Healthy Feeding Schedule for Your Cat

Cats are creatures of habit. This can be beneficial to you if you use this fact by creating regular cat feeding times and sticking to them. If their schedule is fixed, they will be able to figure out when they need to be fed and remind you.

A cat can eat at least two meals each day, about 12 hours apart. If a schedule is like: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and right before bed would be a perfect choice. It helps to give them more sense of normality. Feeding time impacts your cat's digestive system and enhances energy levels and general pleasure. So, finding the right and best times to feed a cat is important.

If you want to give your cat the proper nourishment and calories. So, make sure to follow a healthy schedule. Found it difficult to stick with the schedule? Don’t worry. Our WOpet automatic pet feeder will be the perfect match for you to overcome this issue.

wopet cat & dog smart feeder

With an amazing Wopet automatic pet feeder, you can schedule the time when your cat needs to be fed. Whether it’s day or night.

The Wopet cat feeder has the best feature of Wi-Fi which can help you to keep the feeding track going. You can feed your cat anytime and everywhere now! It allows you to record your voice for 10S like Here Good Boy. So that your cat will not feel lonely when the food portion is dispensed. This automatic cat feeder helps to program up to 15 meals on schedule with 1-50 portions per meal.

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