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Are Water Fountains Good For Your Cats?

Mar 24, 2023

Author:Lisa Martinez

Are water fountains good for cats? Well, water fountains help cats incredibly in staying hydrated as dehydration is a common chronic issue in cats. The thirst drive in cats is generally very low; that's why vets suggest foods with high water/moisture content so that their water intake is sufficient for healthy living. Like automatic food feeders, water fountains are another great technology that helps keep your cat healthy and happy. For many reasons, these fountains help your cat drink clean water, which it usually doesn't like drinking from the bowl. 

Part 1: What is a Cat Water Fountain?

Cat water fountains are a great source of clean drinking water that helps and encourages cats to become habitual of drinking water. Cats are biologically programmed in that they don't prefer drinking still water or stagnant water that has contamination; instead, they like drinking running water from the tap or cat fountain. Cats are also very fussy about the taste of the water.

They don't drink chlorine water; that's why water drinking fountains work amazingly for cats, as it provides them fresh water just like it's coming from a natural source. A wide range of cat water fountains come in different sizes, colors and shapes to fascinate and encourage your pet to drink water. It would be best to buy a fountain for your pet's likes because cats are naturally very picky and like drinking from wide bowls, as they don't like their whiskers touching the bowl. Here are the three most commonly available water fountains for cats. 

BPA-free Plastic Fountain

The most innovative and amusing cat water fountains are made of plastic material. These cat fountains are cute and entice your cats into playful drinking. These plastic fountains are BPA-free, but the only drawback of plastic fountains is that it requires extra maintenance for changing filters because it has a high possibility of bacteria buildup. On the other hand, BPA-free plastic fountains are cheaper than stainless steel.  

bpa-free plastic water fountain

Stainless Steel Water Fountain

Most expert vets prefer cat water fountains of stainless steel because of their cleanliness. Stainless steel material is easiest to clean and doesn't require frequent washing. It's the safest in terms of hygiene and durability. 

stainless steel water fountain

Ceramic Water Fountain

Ceramic water fountains are the ones that are made of pottery. After stainless steel, the ceramic material is highly recommended by veterinarians. These fountains have pumps that aid in minimizing bacteria growth, but ceramic and steel fountains only require a little washing. Ceramic fountains also have health benefits, but the only con is that these fountains are more fragile.   

Part 2: Why Are Water Fountains Good For Your Cats?

Cats are reluctant to drink from water bowls as the still water doesn't fascinate them. Vets suggest using cat drinking fountains to keep your feline friend happy and healthy. Water fountains are full of benefits; they are essential in keeping your cat hydrated and providing adequate fresh water all day. Here is a list of the advantages of having water fountains for your cat.

1. It provides fresh and clean water: Water fountains are better for cats as they provide clean and fresh water to your cat all day, unlike the bowl water that becomes dirty and bacterial after some time. The electric fountain prevents bacterial growth to the minimum, which also helps in keeping the water fresh.

water fountains provide fresh water

2. Keeps the cat hydrated: The essential benefit of a water fountain for cat is that it keeps the cat hydrated. Dehydration can cause many acute health issues in your pets, and cats naturally have slow thirst drives; in this case, these water fountains provide running water that makes them feel they are drinking from the faucet. Adequate water intake increases the hydration level and leads to healthier.  

3. Built-in Reservoir: These water fountains have a built-in reservoir that reserves way more than fresh water that you can put in the water bowl. A cat needs at least one glass of water daily, and the more it gets, the water bowl cannot fulfill the demand in one go. On the other hand, these fountains' reservoirs can carry 100 ounces of fresh water. 

4. Provides cold water: One of the most useful advantages of pet water fountains is that it keeps the water cold all day. So with these water fountains, you don't need to worry about providing cold water to your pet on hot summer days. Cold water also has many health benefits, as it stops bacteria growth. 

5. Aids in digestion: The proper hydration process aids immensely in digestion, making it easier for food to break down for digestion and eventually increasing the cat's nutrient absorption ability. An adequate amount of water in the body also increases saliva, which helps in food breakdown. 

aids in digestion

6. The filters remove dust and toxins: The only drawback of tap water is that it contains chemicals and toxins that can harm your cat's health. At the same time, these water fountains come with these filters that remove these toxins and chemicals from water to make it drinkable. You must be attentive to changing the filters on time to provide your cat with safe drinking water.  

7. Affordability: Another factor that makes cat water dispenser worth it is its affordable price range; though the electric fountain thing sounds expensive, it's cheaper than you think.  

Part 3: Recommend WOPET Cat Water Fountain for Your Cat

Water fountains are good for your cats as they provide adequate water for those with low thirst drives. These cat fountains work greatly for cats as they naturally are not a keen water drinker and want encouragement to drink water. In this manner, water fountains can be a great help as it provides enough fresh water to your cats to increase their hydration level for better health.

Many electric water fountains are available in the market, but if you are looking to make your cat habitual of drinking water, you must check the following products. 

1. WOPET BPA-free Plastic Water Fountain

WOPET cat water fountain is perfect for keeping your cat hydrated. This fascinating BPA-free plastic water fountain is one of its kind; its amazing features are designed to encourage your pet to drink water. The best part of this product is that it has a reminder that tells you about the water shortage. If the LED light blinks red, it indicates the water shortage, while the blue light tells you that the machine is working normally. The product doesn’t only filter the water but also oxygenates it thoroughly to make it taste better. 

wopet plastic water fountain

Advantages of WOPET BPA-free water fountain:

●This water fountain has a multi-filtration system that aids immensely in making the water fresh and tasty so that your cat enjoys the taste.

●This product is designed with an ultra-quiet performance below 40 dB to ensure the least disturbance for your cat.

●This water fountain has semi-permeable tanks that allow safe water flow, and you can also check the capacity of the bucket anytime.

●The bowl is spacious enough to store 50 ml water that can survive a few days in case of a power outage.  

●It reminds you when the water is running low through a LED light, and the translucent container makes it easier to look at.

●The affordable price range of this stunning fountain also makes it stand out from other products. 

WOPET Stainless Steel Water Fountain

This gorgeous raindrop shape WOPET water fountain comprises a water basin, supplying water in a gentle flow to your cat. It gives cats the feeling of drinking water from the flowing stream.

The stainless steel water fountain is perfect for cats with urinary tract issues and other health problems, providing enough water to consume in a day and most safely and cleanly. 

This fountain can reserve two liters of water, which would be enough for your cat if you are away. That can last for a week. The best thing about the WOPET water fountain is that it comes with a back money warranty of a month, and a yearlong exchange warranty also backs this product. 

wopet stainless steel water fountain

Advantages of WOPET stainless water fountain:

●It has a double filtration system that provides flowing and fresh water daily. This system aids in keeping hair and dirt out of the water, which makes the water safe and clean to drink.

●This water fountain is constructed with high-quality stainless steel, which makes it highly sustainable and durable.

●This product is also dishwasher friendly which allows you to remove hard water making it easy to clean.

●It comes with a fascinating night mode function, a little blue light that glows at night as a reminder for your cat to drink water.