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User Guide of WOpet Pioneer Plus Auto Pet Feeder (Model: FV01 Plus)

Video Tutorial
User Manual

Video Tutorials:

How to Assemble
How to Download The App & Add Device
How to Connect to The App


1. Keep fingers and hands away from food wheel.

2. Check the level of food frequently to be sure the feeder is dispensing properly.

3. Check the low battery light frequently to ensure the feeder has power.

4. Always turn the feeder off before cleaning.

5. For better user experience, please the WOpet App regularly. In addition, this ensures the stability of the device.


1. The auto feeder doesn't dispense food at the programmed time.

Check if the meals are set correctly and are ON. Note: The feeder is using 24-hour military time system.

2. The cellphone indicates device abnormality.

1. Clean the food residual in the food outlet (the area from which food comes out) as there are two infrared lights inside detecting food.
2. Next, check if the motor/spinning wheel is turning properly with all food cleaned out.
3. If it's still not working, please reset the feeder by long-pressing the SET button on the feeder, and re-connect it.

3. My phone can't receive messages.

1. Check if the message reminder button on the app is open.
2. Check if your phone has authorized the right to the APP, and please go to the phone“settings”page to set.


Q: How much food does the WOpet wifi feeder dispense in a day at most?

A: You can program the feeder to dispense up to 6 meals a day.

Q: How many times can the food come out per meal at most?

A: The feeder can dispense up to 20 portions per meal.

Q: What happens if the power goes out?

A: The automatic pet feeder has a dual power mode, including a power adapter or 3D batteries. So it has battery backup in case of a power outage. Once power is restored, the feeder will resume its feeding schedule.

Q: What is the maximum food size?

A: The pet feeder is suitable for kibble sizes ranging from 2-15mm in diameter.

Q: How to set up WOpet smart pet feeder?

A: Step 1: Download WOpet app in your phone. Step 2: Register a account, add the device and enter the home wifi password. Step 3: Use QR code to align WOpet dog camera'lens 10~20 cm, and wait for 100% connection.