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User Guide of WOpet Pioneer Automatic Pet Feeder (Model: F01 Plus)

Video Tutorial
User Manual

Video Tutorials:

How to Set Up The Feeder


1. The feeder cannot be powered on.

1. Check if the power switch is ON, and the batteries (if using them) are in good condition.
2. Press the "Manual" button to see if it will make any sounds and dispense food.

2. Why is there no response to pressing any button?

After powering on, press and hold the lock button for 3 seconds to unlock the screen, and then click the setting button to enter the setting mode.

3. Why is the low battery light flashing even after changing to use brand new batteries?

1. Change to three new alkaline batteries and make sure that they are installed correctly.
2. Unplug the feeder for a while and plug it in. If it's still flashing, reset the feeder by pressing the "Time" and the "MIC" buttons at the same time.

4. Why wasn't the food distributed at the set time?

1. Ensure the food size is less than 12mm, only suitable for dry food.
2. Check whether the food bowl is full of food, whether there is food residue at the food outlet, if so, please clean up in time.
3. If the spotlights detect food residue at the food outlet, the food behind will not be distributed.
4. Check if the turntable is jammed, if so please clean it first.
5. If it is battery-powered, please ensure there's sufficient battery power


Q: How to re-record voice or delete it?

A: Delete the recorded voice: long-press the“MIC”button until the screen is flashing.

Q: How do I cancel the third feeding schedule?

A: Please set the feeding portion to 0.

Q: How to restore it to factory settings?

A: Press the“Time”and "MIC" button at the same time to restore factory settings.

Q: What is the weight of 1 portion?

A: ·Using a small wheel, one portion is about 5g.
·Using a large wheel, one portion is about 10g.
There maybe slight difference of 1 portion with different size food.