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User Guide of WOpet Cube Air WiFi Pet Feeder (Model: CA10)

Video Tutorial
User Manual

Video Tutorials:

How to Install And Setup WOpet Cube Air WiFi Auto Pet Feeder


1. I cannot connect the feeder to Wi-Fi.

1. Check if connected to a 2.4GHz network, this product does not support 5GHz network connections.
2. Check if the machine is powered correctly.
3. Check if the account and password are correct, and enter the correct account and password. (composed of letters, numbers, symbols, etc., 8~16 digits).
4. Check if the feeder is powered by batteries. App operation is not supported when powered by batteries.
5. Reset the feeder.
6. Email our customer service at support@wopet.com for further assistance.

2. The feeder shows offline.

1. Keep the feeder within close range to the router (within 6m/19.7ft), without walls or other objects causing a weak signal.
2. Reset the feeder.

3. The operation buttons on the panel do not work.

Please check if the child lock light is on. Exit child lock mode by long-pressing the unlock button for 2 seconds.

4. The APP operation does not dispense food properly.

1. Check if the power supply is normal, and if the battery power is sufficient when powered by batteries (indicated by the red light).
2. Check if the food bowl is overfilled.
3. Check if the hopper is empty.
4. Check if the rotor is jammed. If the working indicator light is constantly red, remove and clean the rotor to solve the jam.
5. Check if the food size is too large which causes a blockage. The feeder allows dry food with a diameter of 2-12mm (0.08-0.47inch).

5. The amount of food dispensed is not the same.

When first add food to the machine, the initial serving might be smaller. This is a normal occurrence. From the third serving onwards, the machine will dispense consistent portions.


Q: What if I receive a food blackage message in my feeding log?

A: 1. Check if food are clogged in the dispensing tunnel.
2. Manually clear out food from the tunnel, and check if food is stuck at turnplate.

Q: Can we use battery as a primary power source?

A: Batteries are only a back-up power source.