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WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian

WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian

Perfect dog treat dispenser toy for your dogs alone at home

16 Reviews



Get Your Package 09/27 - 09/30/2023

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wopet dog camera treat dispenser wopet dog camera treat dispenser

Watch Your Dog and Toss Treats with Ease!

WOpet dog treat camera is designed to observe and interact with your pet while you are away.

wopet dog treat camera dispenser wopet dog treat camera dispenser

Smartphone-controlled Healthy Feeding

Say Hi and do treat dispensing to your dog when you're not home using WOpet dog treat camera dispenser.

Let Your Dogs Know They're Never Alone

wopet dog treat camera dispenser toss food

Fun Treat Tossing

Toss a treat to your dogs via the free WOPET dog camera app. Fill it with your dogs' favorite treats & play a game of catch.

wopet dog camera and treat dispenser night vision

Night Vision Camera

Capture amazing wide-angle shots of your pet day or night for saving or sharing on your favorite social sites.

wopet dog camera 2 way audio

2-way Communication

Interact with your pet anywhere, anytime. WOpet dog treat dispenser has both the speaker and the microphone.

Never Miss Playtime with Your Dog

hd camera

Full HD Camera

wopet dog treat camera lens

Wide-angle Lens

wopet dog camera 4x zoom

Digital Zoom

2 way audio

Audio Conversations

What You Will Get

Instruction Manual x1

WOPET Dog Treat Camera x1

5V/1A Power Adapter x1

4.9ft Type-C Cable x1

wopet dog treat camera


Product Name

Guardian Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

Product Model

D01 Plus

Product Size


Net Weight


Barn Reserves


Product Materials


WiFi Band



165° HD night vision and wide angle camera

Customer reviews

16 Reviews


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I really love all the features it comes with, but it’s really not sturdy enough for the price imo. I have an 11lb cat and there’s really nothing stopping him from mutilating this thing. It’s very lightweight and flimsy so all it takes is a light tap from him and it’s going flying. The suction cups don’t do their job at all so it really feels like a waste of money since I can hardly leave it unattended. Pretty disappointing but all the other features (camera, audio, etc) are great, although I do wish the camera was a little lower since his head is almost always down at the food slot when I try to talk thru it.

Sep 04, 2023



Really nice product… my cats know the sound and they love it… if you are away you can see them and you can talk to them… really satisfied with this purchase.

Jul 04, 2023



I work long hours, and my dog is 8 years old. I absolutely love the WOPET Dog Camera Guardian! It allows me to keep an eye on her while I'm at work and even toss her treats. I can also talk to her and record videos. I couldn't be happier with it!

Jul 04, 2023


James Phelps

I really love it, keeps me connected to my diabetic dog. I normally don't write reviews, but I thought this one was important. My dog is diabetic and we are all working day jobs and school etc so he's home by himself. When I'm at lunch I get to connect with him. My dog can only have special treats so I wasn't sure if it was going to work. However, I found cut up carrot works in tiny pieces. I take mini carrots and slice them into little chunks the size treats would be. It works beautifully. I will also take a jerky duck treat and just pull it apart into little pieces. I love that I can talk to him and see him, take a picture and listen to him and the house. I really do love it, just checking in to make sure he is ok. I can't say enough good about this product. I'm so happy to have it!! If you are on the fence just do it. The set up was super easy, there's even videos on youtube you can watch. I love it!!!! I didn't fill in night vision because I haven't used it yet, so funny, I will check that out too.

Jul 04, 2023


Kerry D

After my previous pet cube broke after just a year, I decided to give the WOPET a try, and I'm so glad I did. Both me and my dog love it! The picture quality is fantastic, and I adore that it follows my dog's movements. Every night, my dog patiently sits and waits for his treats. It's a lot of fun, and the design and size are perfect.

Jun 25, 2023



I love, love, LOVE this product! It delivered very quickly. Literally took less than 5 mins to set up. Just download the app, create an account, connect it to your WiFi, then you’re ready to see, hear, talk, and give your fur babies treats! Connecting to my WiFi took about 30 seconds. As soon as you plug it in and access the app, it’s ready to connect and be used. I was so impressed at how easy the set up was. I was even more impressed by the quality. The product not only looks nice, but also the quality of the video thebmicrophone are amazing!. The camera angle is wider than I expected, which is just another bonus. The photos, videos, talking, hearing are immediate and clear. There isn’t a second of delay or glitches. ( video showing) The treat container is bigger than I’d expect too which is awesome! I can give them more treats and not have to constantly refill the container. I’ve also put in a mix of sizes and types which have no issue being dispenses. I love seeing my pups’ joy talking to them and giving them treats. I would definitely recommend to everyone. Also, since the camera has such a wide angle, I’m able to see my front door, and window making it double as a security camera!

Jun 04, 2023



I'm super thrilled about Wopet Guardian. It was easy to set up and use the app and made everything a breeze. As a worried dog mom, I highly recommend this product!

Mar 16, 2023


Clara Camerino

It's is very easy to set up took me less than 5 minutes! Video quality is really good and the night vision is as well. Try not too put big of treats in there or they will get stuck. It does not rotate but it's camera can reach every corner of the room. It is pretty big in size but I don’t mind it. Overall great purchase for my pupps!

Feb 09, 2023


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