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WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian
WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian

WOpet Dog Treat Camera Dispenser Dog Camera with Treat Interactive Toy丨Guardian

Perfect dog treat dispenser toy for your dogs alone at home

16 Reviews



Get Your Package 09/27 - 09/30/2023

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wopet dog camera treat dispenser wopet dog camera treat dispenser

Watch Your Dog and Toss Treats with Ease!

WOpet dog treat camera is designed to observe and interact with your pet while you are away.

wopet dog treat camera dispenser wopet dog treat camera dispenser

Smartphone-controlled Healthy Feeding

Say Hi and do treat dispensing to your dog when you're not home using WOpet dog treat camera dispenser.

Let Your Dogs Know They're Never Alone

wopet dog treat camera dispenser toss food

Fun Treat Tossing

Toss a treat to your dogs via the free WOPET dog camera app. Fill it with your dogs' favorite treats & play a game of catch.

wopet dog camera and treat dispenser night vision

Night Vision Camera

Capture amazing wide-angle shots of your pet day or night for saving or sharing on your favorite social sites.

wopet dog camera 2 way audio

2-way Communication

Interact with your pet anywhere, anytime. WOpet dog treat dispenser has both the speaker and the microphone.

Never Miss Playtime with Your Dog

hd camera

Full HD Camera

wopet dog treat camera lens

Wide-angle Lens

wopet dog camera 4x zoom

Digital Zoom

2 way audio

Audio Conversations

What You Will Get

Instruction Manual x1

WOPET Dog Treat Camera x1

5V/1A Power Adapter x1

4.9ft Type-C Cable x1

wopet dog treat camera


Product Name

Guardian Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

Product Model

D01 Plus

Product Size


Net Weight


Barn Reserves


Product Materials


WiFi Band



165° HD night vision and wide angle camera

Customer reviews

16 Reviews


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The Tesh

Bought this product in June 2022. Took a chance on this one because it had all I needed and was reasonably priced. When it arrived it was relatively easy to set up. The picture quality is very good especially the night vision. I work the overnight shift and was able to monitor my dog very clearly while at work without leaving all the lights on in the house. After a few months we did have an issue with it not connecting to the wifi. I contacted customer service and they were able to trouble shoot the issue very quickly and gave simple, clear instructions so I was able to correct the issue myself. Great product, fair price and excellent customer service. Mahalo.

Dec 05, 2022



Beth Farquhar

We had a Furbo for years, but my biggest cat Milo would knock it over and the lid would pop off and he'd gorge on treats. So when the power cord finally busted when he knocked it over, I went to buy a replacement, and chafed at the cost still being so high. I saw this WOPET did the same thing at like $100 less so I figured I'd try it. In (almost) all metrics, it is better: 1) It holds more treats. The Furbo has this slimline look, but the top is very thick where the unit is widest, so the chamber to hold treats is very small and empties quick. This unit holds way more, so it's better designed 2) It has suctions on the bottom to adhere to a shelf. Furbo doesn't have this (or didn't when I bought it), so was easy to knock over. This one is not immoveable, but it is hard to move. Milo hasn't been able to knock it over. 3) The lid is better designed. It's not overly thick like the bamboo one from the Furbo, and it sucks on better, It can actually be a bit hard to get off if you don't have fingernails to get in the crack to start the pulling. Milo hasn't gotten the lid off, which is good, because he doesn't need too many treats, he could lose a pound or two so we have to be sparing with the treats and not let him overdo it. 4) Camera quality is better. At least from my Furbo bought a few years back, so perhaps Furbo has d their camera too. 5) It has a button on it so you can dispense without having to open the app. Sometimes you want to give your cats a treat with it without dealing with the app. Or you want the cat sitter to be able to dole out treats and don't want to give them app access. This is better than having no button. 6) It's way cheaper. It does all the same things (at least that I use it for), and way less money. 7) It doesn't show a different light when you are on the camera. With the Furbo, if you're looking at the unit it has one color of light on for if it is on standby and another color of light when the app is open and the camera is on. For me, I want there not to be a color difference. I want to also use this camera to spy on what's going on in my house when I am not there with the teenagers in the living room. With the Furbo they could tell when I'm doing that. With the WOPET they cannot. 8) The ONLY thing I wish they'd done differently is put the power cord input on the back, rather that on the side that makes it hard to put books right next to it on the shelf. It's not quite as slick looking as the Furbo, but it's fine. The curved sides of the Furbo didn't make it a great book end either. (By the way, my pic above is of our custom designed bookshelf/kitty tree we designed. So it's a whole kitty playground, with some functionality too, which is why it looks so sparse.)

Nov 22, 2022



I’ve only had the Guardian for a couple of days. WOW my dogs go crazy for the treats!! Fabulous product!!!

Nov 21, 2022


Nelly Thorley

I am very satisfied! Been using it for two weeks now and no food has gotten stuck so far. My dogs love to hear the chirping sound when food is given out and come running. I also like that I can talk to them. It’s a great way to watch them and interact with them while I’m working.

Nov 20, 2022



We got this camera to help us check in on our cats when we leave for the weekend. They are super spoiled and usually have a sitter when we leave for more than a weekend. We didn't know how this would work out. But it was great! We used the speaker to talk to them, and they came running! We kicked them out treats (but not every time). It was a great way to check on them when we were away. Plus, it was a lot of fun!

Nov 14, 2022



I absolutely love this camera! I can talk to my cats and make sure they are okay when I’m away! And give them a treat to spark up their day when I’m gone! Sometimes the treat dispenser jams, but not too often, other than that this was an awesome purchase!

Nov 07, 2022



For the cost, it is more than worth it!!! Worked as expected. Super easy to set up and sync to your wifi. Easy to use in the app. Gives pretty decent pictures and sound (night view is decent). Good view, you can see a large range. My cat has anxiety and having the chance to give her treats and talk to her when I am gone was amazing!!! She loved it and it was nice to check on her when I was thinking about her. It holds a fair amount of treats. Around 2/3 gone after 2-3 weeks; Treat dispensed 2x/day; Greenies cat treats fit!! Gives 4-8 treats each time. Definitely would recommend this for anyone with a pet who is not home much or travels at all. Loved checking in on my cat and giving her treats from afar. Bonus is you dont have to pay to keep pictures or videos!

Sep 23, 2022



We absolutely love our treat feeder!!! I love that I can talk to my animals, hear them, and have the ability to take photos and videos. Our dogs love it, and so do our cats! It’s been so fun. I am extremely grateful for this technology when I am at work and especially on vacation! Love the ability to tell my babies I love them at any time!

May 14, 2022


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