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WOpet Guardian Dog Treat Camera Pet Camera with Treats (New Version)
WOpet Guardian Dog Treat Camera Pet Camera with Treats (New Version)
WOpet Guardian Dog Treat Camera Pet Camera with Treats (New Version)
WOpet Guardian Dog Treat Camera Pet Camera with Treats (New Version)
WOpet Guardian Dog Treat Camera Pet Camera with Treats (New Version)
WOpet Guardian Dog Treat Camera Pet Camera with Treats (New Version)
WOpet Guardian Dog Treat Camera Pet Camera with Treats (New Version)

WOpet Guardian Dog Treat Camera Pet Camera with Treats (New Version)

Check on Your Pet And Home Anytime Anywhere

19 Reviews




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1080P Full HD Camera

300° Wide-angle Camera

4x Digital Zoom

2-Way Audio Conversations

Fun Treat Tossing

Fun Treat Tossing

With WOpet dog treat camera, you can remotely toss the favorite snacks to your dog via WOpet App and play a game with them.

Supports 2.4G/5GHz WiFi

Supports 2.4G/5GHz WiFi

WOpet dog treat camera Supports 2.4G&5GHz WiFi for smoother network speeds and app control, allowing you to interact with your dog anytime, anywhere.

2-Way Communication

2-Way Communication

WOpet dog treat dispenser camera has both the speaker and the microphone, supports talking to your pets to ease their separation anxiety.

Clear Night Version

The dog camare's night vision feature let you monitor your pet clearly even in the dark. You will always know what's going on at home.

Watch & Share

Watch your furry kids in real-time on the App that is connected to the dog treat camera and share the fun with your family!

Compatible with Alexa

You can use a simple voice command to ask Alexa to check on your live pet camera on a compatible Alexa device.

Find the Right Product for You

WiFi Network
1080 Full HD Camera
Night Vision
Rotating View
Work with Alexa
Two Way Audio

Guardian Plus Dog Camera-D100


(Current Model)

5G / 2.4G

Guardian Dog Treat Camera-D01 Plus


Learn More
5G / 2.4G

What You Will Get

Instruction Manual x1

WOPET Dog Treat Camera x1

5V/1A Power Adapter x1

4.9ft Type-C Cable x1

wopet dog treat camera


Product Name

Guardian Dog Camera Treat Dispenser New Version

Product Model


Product Size

12.48 x 6.34 x 6.3 inches

Net Weight

3.32 pounds

DC-powered supplp


Food size

2-15mm (dry food only)

WiFi Band



300° HD night vision and 1080P HD camera

Product material



Q: How to set up the WOpet dog camera treat dispenser?

A: Please check the User Manual uploaded on this page. The steps are clear and intuitive.

Q: Which App do I need for my WOpet dog treat camera?

A: Please download the "wopet smart" App from the Google play (Android) or download the "wopet" App from the APP store (iOS).

Q: Does WOpet dog treat camera support 5GHz WiFi network?

A: Yes! WOpet pet camera supports 5G/2.4GHz WiFi network.

Q: What size of treats can be used with the pet camera?

A: Please use treats between 2-15mm in size.

Q: Can I use dog food instead of treats in the dog camera?

A: It is not recommended to use dog food. Tossing dog treats is more effective to get your dog's attention when using the dog camera.

Customer reviews

19 Reviews


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I love this cute little treat machine! My cats know the sound and run right in view of the camera when they hear it. I got this cause I missed my cats while I was on vacation and wished I could give them treats. This fixed my sad little heart! Now I can give them treats, talk to them, and see them run to the camera. I love the little suction cups on the bottom of the device that keep it from being knocked over easily! Which my cats try to do

Dec 13, 2023



I'm totally in love with this camera/treat thrower combo! And my cat, She's just as thrilled with it!

Dec 10, 2023



I LOVE LOVE this. So easy to use, can spy on my dog (and family), and dispenses the treats/food with no problem. Sound, video, and photo are clear. I love the little noise it makes before dispensing the treat. It notifies my dog and he is always ready in front of the camera. Makes great photos. I highly recommend this item.

Dec 08, 2023


Grace H

This product is amazing! My two cats absolutely adore Temptations, and it's ideal for them. They've gotten into the habit of lingering near the door whenever I leave, eagerly waiting for treats to pop out while I'm away. It's great seeing them so happy and not bothered by my absence!

Nov 23, 2023



Superb image and sound quality. The cats aren't scared at all and love watching for treats when I'm out. Setup was a breeze. An excellent purchase!

Nov 15, 2023



Our new dog has separation anxiety and we needed a high-quality way to monitor her. We are using the treatment protocols and practices from the great dog trainer, Malena Demartini-Price. What this WOPET Dog Camera provides for us is very good quality video and sound. It is crucial to be able to reliably watch our dog's behavior and hear for clues of her stress. We have it near floor level facing the door and front window where our couch is. Most of the time this is all we need, but when she does go back out of view, it is easy to rotate the camera to see what she is doing. It is easy to connect to the app on our phones and it always connects correctly the first time when we start up the app. As it does use data when we leave the house, I changed my mobile plan to unlimited data. This seems well made and we feel it will last a long time.

Nov 08, 2023



Love that it works with Alexa. It's kind of amusing watching cat treats come shooting out. Scares them sometimes, hahaha. Really nicely built. Camera is perfectly clear. Fun to send photos to the cat owner I cat sit for. Puuuurfect!

Nov 05, 2023




This is my first experience with something like this. Generally, I don’t like the idea of cameras in my home but the draw of a camera that makes me able to interact with my pups when I’m not at home was too great of a draw to resist. It was easy to set up on my iPhone 14 Pro Max. It took a couple of tries to get it to connect but I can’t say if that was an actual problem or just me as I’ve had similar issues in the past with other things. It comes with the power cord and the wall adaptor which is fantastic. Most electronics these days expect you to already have an adaptor or you have to purchase one separately but I’m really glad that Wopet doesn’t. Once set up I was ready to play. I was careful to find a treat that was a reasonable size and texture to run through the hopper being mindful to find something that wasn’t too big or very soft. I set it up on the floor because I didn’t want to accidentally hit one of them in the eye with the treat. It has suction cups on the bottom that help to stabilize it and keep it from tipping. It makes a sound on their end right before a treat is dispensed and it didn’t take them long at all to figure out that when they heard the sound a treat was eminent. This has become a great stress reliever for me at work. If/when I get stressed, I pick up my phone and I can see my pups in real time. I can pitch out a treat and watch them scramble. I can even talk to them and watch their reactions. Also, a very nice feature is that I’m able to take pictures and videos whenever they are exceptionally cute. The fun and entertainment that this gives to me is worth the price! I’ve had a lot of fun with this little thing and I enjoy it a lot. I can see where it would be helpful too if you have an anxious pup.

Sep 08, 2023


Guardian Plus Dog Camera-D100


$ 93.49