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Why is My Cat Drinking So Much Water

Feb 07, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

If your cat is drinking a lot of water, it's hard to know if you should be worried or not. After all, like people, cats drink different amounts on average. Find out why your cat drinks so much water.

How Much Water Should A Cat Drink A Day?

Cats should not consume more than 100 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight in a single day. Because of this, a four-pound cat shouldn't consume more than 400 milliliters of water per day. How much water each cat needs to drink is different, and what is normal for your cat may be a little outside of this range. Some things that could change how much water is needed are:


Wet cat food already has water in it, so if your cat eats wet food, it will drink a little less water. Also, people who eat a lot of salt need to drink more water.


When it's warmer or there's more humidity, your active cat needs more water to stay hydrated.


Adult cats drink more than very young cats. Kittens younger than 8 weeks old need up to 80 mL of water for every pound of body weight.


If your cat is sick, she might need to drink more water to stay healthy. Medications Some medicines make cats drink more water and/or pee more.

Check if your pet drink enough water or not here!

Why is My Cat Drinking Lots of Water?

If your cat is drinking a lot of water and acting sick in other ways, a vet should check on it and figure out what's wrong. In particular, a cat's need to drink a lot of water can be a sign of the factors below:


Hyperthyroidism is a condition that can be found in up to 11% of older cats. If ADH can't work with the kidneys, the body makes a lot of urine and feels thirsty.

Diabetes Mellitus

Since your cat has too much glucose in her body, she has to pee a lot to get rid of it. This makes her very thirsty.

cat sick


Cancer can make you thirsty for different reasons, depending on where it is. It may induce thirst, increased urination, and hypercalcemia.


When the amount of calcium in the body is very high, it stops ADH from working with the kidneys. This makes it hard for the kidneys to keep water in the body, which makes people pee a lot and feel thirsty.

Infection of the urinary tract

When a cat has a urinary tract infection, it may drink more water to try to get rid of the infection. When they have this problem, they may have to go to the bathroom more often, or they may not be able to go at all.

Experiencing diarrhea

If the cat recently had vomiting or diarrhea, it needs to drink more water. When your cat drinks more water than usual for more than a few days, it could be because of a health problem.

Liver disease

When liver disease is severe, the liver can't do many of the things it usually does. This can make it hard to drink enough water.

What Should I Do If My Cat Is Drinking A Lot?

If your cat drinks too much and doesn't have any other strange symptoms, you should try to figure out why. Is it warm in your house? Do they eat only dry food? Is it because it's summer that they're drinking more?

Ask your vet for help

If your cat is drinking too much because of its surroundings, check its health and behavior. As long as your cat is healthy and happy and has fresh water whenever it wants it, it should be fine. You might want to write it down and ask your vet about it at your pet's next checkup to put your mind at ease.

Whenever you think your cat might be sick, you should always take her to the vet.

Get a water fountain to keep the water moving

Remember that cats are very picky about the water they drink. We cats don't like it when water stays in the drinker for a few days. And cats prefer flowing water. Pro tip takeaway: If you want your cat to drink water the right way, always leave a fountain with moving water. And WOpet cat water fountain is a good choice for pet parents.

wopet bloom cat water drinking fountain

What's good about WOpet cat water fountain:


Premium materials:WOpet's cat water fountain is constructed of BPA-free, materials.

Encourages your cat to drink more water:WOPET cat fountain utilizes a circulating filtration system to keep the water flowing continuously, which can make cat’s drinking more exciting and enjoyable.

Triple filtration: Double filtration makes sure that your pet's water is always clean and fresh.

High capacity: The 2L water fountain is big enough for cats and dogs of all ages and for homes with more than one pet.

Easy to clean: Our pet fountain was easy to put together because it had smooth surfaces, no cracks, and few parts.


Changes in your cat's drinking habits may not seem like a huge concern if he's healthy and performing well. Increasing thirst might be a sign of a health concern; obtaining care could be crucial. So, if you are worried about how much your cat drinks, you should talk to our team experts at WOPET.