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Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter With Your Pet

Feb 11, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

With Easter right around the corner, are you wondering what you can do to celebrate the festivities? From egg hunts to Easter gifts, there are a multitude of things happening at Easter, especially if you have kids. So it's time you make your pets a part of this festival and include them in all the fun!

#1 DIY Easter Basket

diy easter basket

Pet Easter basket ideas are a great way to involve your pet in your Easter fun! There are plenty of choices and ideas that you can come up with. Ideally, you can choose anything as long as it works, just like a container. However, remember that whatever goes into the container is pet safe. Also, you need to keep an eye on your pet when they are checking out their basket so that they do not run into any trouble.

#2 Play Easter Egg Hunt

play easter egg

Have you ever played the exciting game of "hide and seek" with your furry baby? If yes, here is a pretty similar concept. The Easter egg hunt is the best way to motivate your pup to have a great time. Replace candy with treats that have a strong smell, and put them inside plastic eggs or small gift boxes if plastic eggs do not seem to be safe. Hide them in an area like under the cushion or in a corner and release the hounds! Your pup will follow his nose and find his treasures.

#3 Dress Your Pet Up

dress your pet up

We've all seen those adorable pictures with furry friends wearing costumes. This is also a great way to include your pet in the Easter fun if he will tolerate being dressed up. You can outfit him in a full costume, like an Easter bunny, a baby chick, or maybe just a headpiece. But make sure that the fabric of the costume doesn't irritate them. You definitely don't want to click pictures with your loving pet wearing something uncomfortable.

#4 Visit The Real Easter Bunny

easter bunny

Find out if local stores or malls are offering pet photos with the Easter bunny. But before you go, get your pet some exercise, bring a favourite toy, and have treats on hand. Exercise helps get some of their energy out, toys and treats help them stay calm and collected during the photo. Are you ready to celebrate Easter with the furry friends of your family? Be sure to take pictures of your pets in that Easter costume. We want to see them! It will truly be a fun memory for you and the kids year after year.