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Top 12 Useful Tips For Busy Dog Owner

Dec 20, 2022

Author:Jackson Watson

If you are a busy person and want to still have a dog, read through these 15 useful tips for busy dog owners and adopt a cute little ultimate companion.

Tips for Having a Dog with a Busy Schedule

We agree, owning a dog is a major responsibility but looking into their cute little eyes makes it worth everything, trust us!

1. Prepare a comfortable zone for your dog

You can prepare a cozy and quiet place where your furry friend gets to sleep. Creating a comfortable zone for your dogs can help them escape for alone time and cope with separation anxiety issues. So that is very important for your fur pal when you are busy.

dog cozy bed

2. Groom your dog weekly

All dogs require the necessities. This covers things like personal hygiene, healthcare, a healthy diet, love, and exercise. Plan to deal with these issues as frequently as necessary. Set aside a day per week or more frequently, depending on your dog’s coat, to groom it.

3. Keep your dog well-fed

We understand that as a busy person you might miss a few things here and there but feeding your dog properly should not be one of them. No, we do not mean over-stuffing your dog with everything so that they become obese. We mean feeding the right food at the right time to keep your dog healthy. We recommend you get a WOpet automatic dog feeder, by which you can schedule feeding times and portions. So that your furry friend doesn’t go without a meal or get over-fed even.

wopet castle pet automatic feeder

4. Turn on reminders for your dog’s veterinary visits

Plan to take your pet to the vet every six to twelve months. Set reminders for each visit with a notification a day or two prior, so that you don’t miss it.

5. Find a playmate for your dog

Some pet lovers adore the thought of having more than one animal, such as a couple of dogs or a cat and a dog, and so on and so forth. It is advised to keep some breeds in pairs, such as Yorkies and Chihuahuas, as being raised alone might cause them to experience acute separation anxiety.

new pets at home

6. Leave some toys around the house for your dog

Dogs require stimulation to prevent boredom. Keep their preferred chew toy and/or stuffed animal nearby before leaving.

dog toys

7. Hire a dog walker to walk your dog

Many busy folks spend 12 hours or more away from home each day. Dogs left behind may get lonely and bored as a result. Think about locating a dependable dog walker or pet sitter who can visit your house in the middle of the day and spend some time with your buddy.

8. Do some exercise with your dog in the morning

Did you know that there is this thing called doggo yoga? In it, you bond with your dog while also maintaining your and your furry partner’s health. While exercising you will be giving your dog undivided attention, which will also help with the bonding. You could also go for a jog along with your buddy.

give your dog plenty of exercises

9. Make a daily routine and stick to it

Set a time each day for feeding, playing, and bonding with your dog. Attempt to schedule consistent training as well. When you maintain a schedule, you’ll find that your dog feels more safe and happy.

10. Take your dog to work

Bringing your dog to work may be a viable option, depending on your nature of work. Discuss making your office a pet-friendly place to work with your supervisor. Give it a try!

take your dog to work

11. Establish a solid bond with your dog

Everything you do to care for and train your dog should start with building a good bond with them. Relationships are the cornerstone on which you may build the dog of your dreams. From the dog’s perspective, your bond should be built on mutual respect, comfort, trust, and a general feeling of safety and security.

12. Avoid shouting at your dog

Never shout at your fur baby if they are getting a little agitated, he just needs your attention. When your dog calms down, reward him/her with some treats, so they understand good behavior. Owners should silently enter a room and shut the door on the dog if they want to stop them from barking in order to get their attention.

Rounding up

Keeping a dog is quite a responsibility, and even more so when you are a working person. The feeling of guilt for putting your dog in this situation is hard, but keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips, it is very much doable as well. Therefore, stop feeling guilty and relax.