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Does It Matter If I Don't Walk My Dog

Feb 11, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

When it comes to raising a dog, walking will be one of the first things that will come to your mind. You might think every dog owner walks their dog regularly as it's an important activity. Unfortunately, a study from 2016 revealed that almost 50% of pet owners weren't walking their dogs regularly out of busy schedules and plenty of other reasons. So, if you are wondering, does it matter if you walk your dog or not, let's get to the depth of it!

Destroy stuff

Apparently, walking your dog is essential to keep it healthy. Additionally, it helps burn extra fat and prevents the dog from getting fat. If an energetic dog is kept inside a house, it may stick around you and ask you to play with it. It may even start destroying the stuff inside your house out of boredom. Trust me, your house can turn into a mess in a matter of seconds. In order for your dog to exercise or burn its energy, keeping it in a large backyard can be a great alternative for it to run around and play.

dog destroy stuff

Related Post: How to Avoid Your Puppy from Chewing Shoes But to be honest, do you really understand the importance of walking your dog? Do you think a big backyard can actually replace walks? Well, walks do much more than keeping a dog exercised and active.

Develop resistance to changes

Dogs are natural explorers and like exploring new things. If a dog is kept at home for a long time, it may become reluctant to new changes or stuff. A simple walk can provide dogs a great environment to learn the habits of people and other animals around them. This further helps them become more flexible and sensitive to their surroundings. Without such experiences, dogs may not be able to differentiate threats and other outdoor components; hence you must bring some change in their lives.

develop your dog's resistance to changes

Lack of social skill

Most importantly, walking exposes dogs to other dogs, animals, and people. The interactions with unfamiliar pets and people help a lot in gaining social skills. It can further help them learn how to express themselves while making new friends. A dog trained at home never learns how to socialize with other dogs and dog owners. After all, how can you expect your children to make new friends if they do not have a chance to meet other people? 

exposes dogs to other dogs

Related Post: How to Socialize Your Puppy So, it DOES matter if you don't walk your dog! If you do not walk your dog regularly, it will face several issues in the future. And I am sure that's not what you wanted when you held your dog for the first time! 

walk your dog each day

Walking your dog each day between 30 minutes to 2 hours is recommended by pet experts. Additionally, playing outside can also strengthen the bond between you and your dog. The attention you give your pet during this time will comfort them. Try your best to walk your dog regularly and enjoy your happy time!