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Do Dogs Shed More in The Summer?

Feb 07, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

If you’re going to share your house with a dog, prepare to deal with some dog hair in your house. Being a pet parent, you might want to know, “do dogs shed more in the summer?”

Part 1: Significance of Dog Shedding

Shedding is completely natural and all dogs experience a particular level of shedding. All dogs have hair or fur and shed on a regular basis. This is due to the growth and regeneration of hair in dogs.

All hair shafts in dogs go through phases of growth and shedding. In simple words, dogs grow fur in four stages. The last stage, known as exogen, is when the hair shafts release and shed from the dog’s body. Most of what is shed in dogs is the dense, protective undercoat.

significance of dog shedding

For most dogs, shedding is an important part of their skin and coat health. Dogs rid themselves of old, weak, or damaged hair by shedding it. The shedding process is crucial for your dog to stay comfortable and healthy.

Dog shedding depends primarily on breed, age, hormones, and the overall health of your dog. It also depends upon the diet and the climate in which your dog lives and how much fur they have. In any case, regardless of the climate and breed, it’s vital to know that all dogs will shed.

Part 2: Why Dogs Shed More in the Summer?

Summer shedding occurs as a result of the temperature change. During warm weather, dogs shed their winter undercoats to make way for a much lighter summer coat. Then, when the weather gets cooler, dogs shed their undercoats and grow thicker, dense warmer coats for winter. These seasonal sheds prepare dogs for both summer and winter.

The amount of shedding depends on what coat your dog is wearing. Not all dog coat types are affected the same way by hot weather.

Dogs with dense undercoats make shedding much more obvious. With a heavy double coat, it comes as no surprise that these dogs shed heavily. They shed heavily, especially during the spring and early summer. This heavy shedding lasts for almost 2-4 weeks. This shedding becomes excessive if you don’t groom your dog regularly. During shedding, you should be prepared to show a lot of patience. You will need to regularly brush and de-shed your dog in this period.

why dogs shed more in the summer

Also, dogs with single-layer coats or fewer undercoats usually shed less when seasons change. Dogs with little to no hair, like the Chinese Crested Dog, won’t shed much in the summer because they don’t shed overall.

Though hair shedding in summer is both normal and common, pet parents need to be on the lookout for excessive shedding, caused by nutritional deficiencies, health problems, or other problems.

Part 3: How To Deal With Your Dog’s Summer Shedding

As temperatures rise, our dogs sometimes need a little extra care. While you can’t stop your dog’s shedding, there are steps you can take to make it manageable. Here are several ways to deal with summer shedding when living with a dog.

You can take the following steps to manage your dog’s summer shedding.

1. Give your dog plenty of exercises

Regular exercise or playtime can decrease the amount of shedding inside the house as they will be shedding some hair outside. High-energy dog breeds require a lot more exercise than low-energy breeds. If shedding is due to stress and boredom, exercise will help your dog to cope up with these issues.

As most dog coats go through major shedding during the spring and summer, you can let your furry friend shed most of his unwanted hair when you take them to the park.

give your dog plenty of exercises

2. Do regular grooming for your dogs

Regular grooming is essential to keep a dog’s shedding in check. This will help to remove dead hair. Grooming also saves you from loose hair flying around your house. The result of regular grooming is a happy, healthy dog and of course less shedding.

Regular grooming will also make their coat look shinier and cleaner. It also gives you a great opportunity to check your dog for itchy dry skin, new bumps, or parasites.

3. Keep your dogs hydrated

Make sure your dog always has fresh water. It’s essential for their overall health and can also keep their skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin in dogs can exacerbate shedding and hair loss.

When your dog stays hydrated, their hair follicles become more resilient. Strong follicles can help minimize excessive shedding caused by dehydrated fur. And you can keep your dog hydrated using a water drinking fountain. WOpet pet water fountain is a good option for that.

wopet bloom pet water dispenser

4. Don’t bathe your dog too much

Don’t bathe your dog too much in the summer. Periodic and occasional bathing, not more than once in a month, will maintain their neat appearance. Bathtime keeps your dog clean, but excessive bathing can actually harm your dog. Bathing your dog too often can strip natural oils from its coat, which is essential for a healthy coat and skin. Excessive bathing can result in a dry, dull coat, shedding, and itchy skin.

Giving them an occasional bath can help to loosen their dead fur. If and when you bathe them, make sure they are completely dry before you brush them out. Look for a high-quality pH-balanced canine shampoo.

give your dog a bath

5. Talk to your vet

While all dogs shed, excessive shedding could be a symptom of an allergy or any other health issue. So getting your dog checked by a qualified vet can rule out the possibility of any other underlying condition.

Take your dog to the veterinarian if you notice more hair loss than usual, inflamed skin, bald patches, brittle fur, or excessive scratching. Your vet can also guide you on what kind of diet to feed your dog that can keep the coat healthy and reduce shedding.

Final thoughts

Dogs are more than just a pet. They shower their owners with happiness and unconditional love. Taking a few steps to minimize shedding allows the chance to enjoy the unparalleled companionship of your pet. If you regularly groom your dog and offer them a healthy diet, you won’t notice a lot of stray hairs around.

Did you find this article useful? Feel free to share your thoughts. We would be delighted to hear from you!