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How to Make Your Cat Happy? 15 Things You Can Do

Dec 07, 2022

Author:Jackson Watson

Do you want to know how to make your cat happy? Of course, you do! You want to make sure your feline friend is as happy as can be. Cats can be easy to please, but there are certain things you can do to make them even happier. This article will discuss 15 ways to make your cat happy. From playing with them to providing them with the right food and toys, we have got you covered!

Top 15 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

1. Give your cat prey toys

Prey toys are any type of toy that replicates the experience of hunting and catching prey. This could be a simple feather on a string, or a more elaborate robotic mouse. Cats love to stalk and pounce on their prey, so giving them a toy to do this with will help keep them happy and mentally stimulated.

If you’re not sure what type of prey toy your cat would like, try a few different kinds and see which ones they take the most. You can also ask your veterinarian for some useful recommendations.

provide your cat favorite toys

2. Offer a nice place to scratch

Wondering how to make your cat happier? Provide them with a nice place to scratch. Cats love to scratch, and it helps them keep their claws healthy. If you provide your cat with a scratching post or pad, it will be much happier. Just make sure that the post or pad is sturdy and tall enough for your cat to stretch out.

offer a nice place to scratch

3. Provide a healthy diet regularly

One of the best ways to keep your cat happy and healthy is to provide them with a nutritious diet. Cats are carnivores and need animal-based proteins to thrive. Look for dry foods or wet foods that are specifically designed for cats, and avoid giving them table scraps. A balanced diet will help keep your cat’s energy levels up and its coat healthy and shiny.

Another way to ensure your cat gets the necessary nutrients is to supplement their diet with vitamins or minerals. You can talk to your veterinarian about which supplements are best for your cat.

To make this easier, bring home an automatic pet feeder. It will help you maintain a regular feeding schedule and ensure your cat always has food available. We recommend going for the WOpet automatic cat feeder. It gives you peace of mind by feeding your pet regularly. This smart feeder allows you to schedule 6 meals per day with different portions. It really helps to develop healthy eating habits for your cat.

wopet cats smart feeder

4. Upgrade your cat’s litter box

A question that hits almost every cat owner: “how do you make your cat happy?” Well, one of the easiest ways to make your cat happy is by upgrading their litter box. Yes, really! A better litter box means a happier cat. How so? A high-quality litter box will be easier to clean, have better odor control, and be the right size for your cat. Plus, it will help to keep your cat’s claws healthy and trim. All of these factors add up to a happier cat overall.

5. Keep your cat’s environment clean

One of the things to do to make your cat happy is to keep its environment clean. A clean environment is vital for your cat’s happiness and health. A litter box not cleaned regularly can cause your cat stress, and a messy home can make it difficult for them to find a comfortable resting place. Make sure to scoop the litter box daily and keep their sleeping area free of clutter.

You should also vacuum regularly to remove any hair or dander that may upset your cat’s sensitive respiratory system. If you have an indoor cat, it is also essential to clean their windows and perches regularly to give them a clear view of the outside world. Keeping their environment clean will help your cat stay happy and healthy.

keep your cats environment clean

6. Provide fresh water at all times

Water is essential for cats, just as it is for humans and other animals. Make sure your cat always has access to fresh, clean water. This will help keep them hydrated and healthy.

You can encourage your cat to drink more water by placing multiple water bowls around your home or investing in a pet fountain. Adding a little bit of wet food to their diet can also help increase their water intake.

WOpet cat water fountain is a blessing in today’s times. With a capacity of 2L and super quiet, it is perfect for pets. The multiple-filter system keeps the water clean and fresh, and there’s also an emergency water storage option.

wopet cat dog water fountain

Most importantly, regular access to fresh water can help prevent serious health problems in cats, such as kidney disease and urinary tract infections. So make sure your feline friend always has a full water bowl!

7. Play hide and seek with your cat sometimes

One way to make your cat happy is to play hide and seek with her. This game will help your cat stay active mentally and physically, and it will also strengthen the bond between the two of you.

To play, simply choose a room in your house where you can both hide easily. Once you’re both in position, call your cat’s name and see if she can find you. If she does, give her a small treat as a reward.

You can also try this game with a toy instead of yourself – just hide the toy somewhere in the room and let your cat find it. Again, be sure to praise her when she succeeds.

play hide and seek with cat

8. Do regular grooming for them

One of the ways to make your cat happy is to groom them regularly. This helps them stay clean and healthy, and also keeps their fur in good condition. It also allows you to bond with your cat and to check them for any health problems.

Make sure to use a soft brush or comb to groom your cat’s fur, and always start at the head and work your way down the body. Be careful not to pull on any knots or mats in their fur. Your cat will probably enjoy being groomed, and it’s an excellent way to show them how much you care about them.

keep regular grooming

9. Go for a walk

One of the best ways to make your cat happy is to take them for a walk. This will allow them to explore their surroundings. Plus, it’s a great way for you to bond with your feline friend. Just be sure to keep them on a leash and supervise them at all times.

go for a walk with your cat

10. Grow cat grass for your cat

Cat grass is a type of grass that is safe for cats to eat. It’s a great way to give your feline friend some greens and help with their digestion. You can buy cat grass at most pet stores or grow it yourself.

11. Give them a comfortable space

Your cat will be happy if it has a comfortable bed. There are many different types of beds available for cats, so you should be able to find one that suits your feline friend’s needs. Just make sure the bed is big enough for them to stretch out and that it’s in a safe place.

give them a comfortable space

12. Provide a few spots for a nice view of the outside world

If your cat enjoys looking at the outside world, then you should provide them with a few spots where they can do so. This could be a window perch or a cat tree near a window. Just ensure the area is safe and your cat can’t escape.

13. Consider another cat

If you’re considering getting another cat, you must do your research first. You will need to ensure that the two cats are compatible and have enough space to live comfortably. Just remember that introducing a new cat into your home can be a bit stressful for everyone involved, so take your time and do it slowly.

consider another cat

14. Visit the veterinarian

It’s essential to take your cat to the veterinarian for regular check-ups, which can ensure that if it is healthy and happy. Plus, it’s a great way to catch any problems early on. Just be sure to find a vet you and your cat are comfortable with.

15. Let your cat climb in cat trees

If you have a cat tree, then your cat will be happy to climb it. This is a great way for them to get some exercise. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to watch them play. Just make sure that the tree is sturdy and that it’s in a safe place.