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Full Guide About Cat Food Bowl [2024 Updated]

Feb 07, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

If you’re looking for the best cat food bowls to dish up your cat’s daily meal, you already know that the choices are endless. To save you the hassle of sorting through thousands of online cat food bowls, we’ve put together a full guide about cat food bowls. Let's get started:

How to Choose The Best Cat Food and Water Bowls

Finding the safest cat food and water bowls is way more important than bowl shape, color, or size. Below are some of the points highlighting what should be taken into consideration before you buy the best bowl for cat food:

1 Avoid plastic cat food bowls

The material of the cat food bowl is an important factor to affect your cat’s health. Plastic is the most hazardous material for cat food bowls and should be avoided. Moreover, plastic can easily get scratched by cats and become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Also, plastic cat food bowls can cause skin allergies in some felines.

avoid plastic cat food bowl

2 Consider the depth and shape of cat bowls

Of course, when buying cat food and water bowl, an important thing you should consider is the size and shape. The cat food bowl should be large enough to fit the food loosely. Try to avoid straight-sided bowls to prevent accidental mess.

3 Think about where you locate the food bowl for your cat

Placing the cat food bowl in an ideal location will allow your pet to enjoy their food more. Cat dish placement plays a crucial role in your cat's level of comfort at feeding time.

Try positioning cat water and food bowls in the open to maximize their sightlines. Choose a calm and quiet place where there isn't a lot of noise or foot traffic. It's better to keep your cat water and food bowls in two separate locations.

4 Right material for cat food bowls

Stainless steel and ceramic are the recommended material for cat water and food bowls. Stainless steel is made of nickel, molybdenum, iron, and chromium which is safe for cats. It doesn’t react with cat food or water. Stainless steel is very strong, durable, dishwasher safe, and can be sterilized too.

Ceramic cat food bowls are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. They are available in many attractive and artistic styles. Ceramic cat food bowls are fine for high heat.

caramic cat food bowl

5 Choose those cat bowls with a non-slip bottom

Food bowls for cats with non-skid bottoms are more secure on the floor and do not slide around. This bottom design prevents the cat food bowl from moving when your cat is eating. Non-skid bottoms will make it easier for your cat to eat or drink from their bowl. Also, keeping your cat food bowl still means less mess around the dish area.

Automatic Cat Feeder Is A Better Option Compared to Cat Food Bowl

Sometimes our work schedules make it difficult to feed cats at their preferred times. An automatic cat feeder can be a great option for busy pet parents and their cats.

They dispense the right quantity of cat food at scheduled times. So, no more worries about rushing home to feed your kitty. There’s much more to WOpet automatic cat feeder than simply dishing out food.

wopet patrol pet smart feeder

1. Guilt-free feeding

Automatic cat feeders can schedule multiple meals in advance. You can program up to 15 meal plans per day. Also, if you fancy an evening out, you can enjoy a lot without any guilt feelings.

2. Weight management of your cat

Using WOpet smart feeder can easily manage your cat’s weight. Slowing the cat feed can improve digestion, prevent stomach bloating, and minimize obesity. An automatic cat feeder makes it easy for you to feed your cat the right amount, right on time.

3. Custom message recording for your cat

You can record a voice message to keep the cat entertained. Your cat can hear your voice recording and doesn't feel lonely when the food portion is dispensed.


Choosing a great cat food bowl is really important to keep your cat healthy and happy. Get the right cat water and food bowls and your feline companion will happily eat its food. Food bowl is an essential part of your cat’s daily life.

Ultimately, the goal is to match your lifestyle with the most practical option for your kitty. If you’re looking for mealtime aids that incorporate smart tech, an automatic cat feeder can often do the trick.