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User Guide of WOpet Milo Plus Automatic Pet Feeder (Model: FW09)

Video Tutorial
User Manual

Video Tutorials:

How to Set Up The Feeder


1. Why is the indicator LED still flashing after I disabled?

When it is feeding, the indicator LED cannot bedisabled.

2. Why does the feeder feed at the wrong time?

Please check that the time zone of the feeder iscorrect.

3. Why is the feeding recording only played once or never when I set the recording multiple times?

Please press and hold the record button to record your voice first. If the feeder is working on battery supply only, the recording will be played only once before feeding.


Q: How can I restore the feeder to factory default settings?

A: Connect the feeder to external power supply. Then long press the Wi-Fi settings button for 3 seconds until you hear a beep.

Q: Why did the feeder fail to connect to my Wi-Fi network?

A: You can try to add the feeder via Bluetooth mode instead of normal mode.

Q: Why the motor runs reversely?

A: When the food gets stuck,the motor will run reversely to solve the food stuck problem.

Q: Why the motor runs but no food comes out?

A: Please make sure the removable parts installed into the feeder correctly.