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User Guide of WOpet Guardian Dog Treat Camera New Version (Model: D100)

Video Tutorial
User Manual

Video Tutorials:

How to Set Up And Use WOpet Dog Treat Camera


1. The user can't enter his/her APP account.

1. Please check that you are properly connected to the network.
2. Ensure the account isn't currently being used by another user.

2. The video stream is choppy and/or buffering frequently.

Check if the WIFI signal is strong enough, and try to refresh the page on the app.

3. APP has displayed the prompt of "No Food".

The equipment doesn't sense any fodder in the bucket. Check if the grain bucket has fodder in it. Or if the equipment is exposed to direct sunlight, please move it to a cooler place.

4. APP has displayed the prompt for "Dispense excessive food".

The snack outlet is blocked. Please remove blockage and clean.

5. When pressing the "Toss a treat" button, the dog food or snack is tossed two or three times.

If the sensor lamp doesn't detect the food, it will toss again, and may toss up to four times.


Q: How to set up the WOpet dog camera treat dispenser?

A: Please check the User Manual uploaded on this page. The steps are clear and intuitive.

Q: Which App do I need for my WOpet dog treat camera?

A: Please download the "wopet smart" App from the Google play (Android) or download the "wopet" App from the APP store (iOS).

Q: Does WOpet dog treat camera support 5GHz WiFi network?

A: Yes! WOpet pet camera supports 5G/2.4GHz WiFi network.

Q: What size of treats can be used with the pet camera?

A: Please use treats between 2-15mm in size.

Q: Can I use dog food instead of treats in the dog camera?

A: It is not recommended to use dog food. Tossing dog treats is more effective to get your dog's attention when using the dog camera.