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User Guide of WOpet Guardian Dog Camera (Model: D01 Plus)

Video Tutorial
User Manual

Video Tutorials:

How to Use WOpet Dog Treat Camera


1. The video watching is not working suddenly.

Check if your home WIFI is stable and strong enough. And pls try to refresh the page on the app.
If it is still not working, pls reinstall the APP and reconnect the camera again.

2. I can't enter my APP account.

1. Firstly, ensure the network is properly connected.
2. Secondly. Ensure the account number isn't used by another user at the same time.
3. Otherwise, we recommend deleting this APP, install it again and try to log in.

3. The APP displayed the prompt for "Dispense excessive food".

The snack outlet is blocked by foreign matter.Pleaseremove the foreign matter in time.

4. When pressing the "Toss a treat"button. the dog food or snack is tossed two or three times.

If the sensing lamp doesn't detect the food, it will toss again,and it can toss up to four times.


Q: How to restore the feeder to factory setting?

A: Long press the SET button for some seconds until you hear a "Dingdong" sound to restore the feeder to factory settings.

Q: If the user wants to change his/her WOPET APP account number,what should they do?

A: Our APP can't be used to directly change the account number. If you want to change it,please register a new APP account number through a new email. Then unlink the intelligent equipment from the original account number,and link it to the new one.

Q: Why can't I watch videos continuously?

A: 1. Ensure the power supply to your intelligent equipment iscorrect.
2. Check the network of your phone and that it is properly connected.