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User Guide of WOpet Cube Lite Automatic Pet Feeder (Model: CL11)

Video Tutorial
User Manual

Video Tutorials:

How to Install And Use WOpet Cube Lite Auto Pet Feeder


1. Why don't the feeder's control panel buttons work?

Ensure it's not locked. Press the "Lock" buttons to unlock for use.

2. Why is food dispensed unevenly?

Initially, portions may vary. It normalized from the third dispensing.


Q: How to prevent food jams?

A: 1. Don't compress food.
2. Use food within size limit (2-12mm).
3. Clean the pet feeder regular to avoid clumps.

Q: What is the battery life on battery mode?

A: 1. Up to 180 days (Reference only).
2. Requires 2 new, same-spec batteries.
3. Battery life varies with temperature.
4. Batteries as a backup when using power.

Q: Can the automatic feeder be used outdoors?

A: Recommended for indoor use to protect from rain and moisture.