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User Guide of WOpet Basin Large Dog Water Fountain (Model: W600)

Video Tutorial
User Manual

Video Tutorials:

How to Assemble And Clean


1. For safety, disconnect the power supply before repairing and cleaningthe machine.

2. Basin Water Fountain cannot run without water and will automatically stop without water.

3. The power adapter and wire plug should not be flooded during cleaning.

4. Turn off and then disconnect the power supply to ensure safety when the device is not in use.


1. The water pump is not working.

Pls try to clean the pump and the water tank, and replace the filters, also making sure every part is installed properly and the alignment of pump water output to fountain entry is good.

2. The pump starts and stops continuously.

Check if the fountain and the pump are connected securely. And if the water level is higher than the pump and lower than the max level. Please try to unplug and plug in the water fountain.


Q: Where do I buy replacement filters and pump?

A: The filters/pumps are available at Amazon WOpet stores and the official website: https://wopet.com/.

Q: How often should I clean the water fountain?

A: We recommend cleaning the water fountain at least once a month.

Q: How often should I replace the filter?

A: The filter of the water fountain should be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the number of pets using the fountain.

Q: How often should I change the water so it remains fresh?

A: When the red light is on, you should add water.

Q: Will this water fountain overflow with water?

A: According to the dog's drinking habits, we increased the depth of the water tray to accommodate the way the dog licks the water with his tongue and increased the height of the tray enclosure to prevent the pet from spilling water on the floor while drinking.

Q: How do I get my pets to drink from the fountain?

A: 1. Allow your pets to investigate. 2. Find the perfect location for the pet water fountain. 3. Keep the food bowl away from the drinking fountain. 4. Reward your pet for using the fountain. 5. Be patient with your pets.