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User Guide of WOpet Barn Pet Feeder (Model: FT50)

Video Tutorial
User Manual

Video Tutorials:

How to Set Up A Feeding Plan for Your Cat


1. The buttons are not responding, there's no sound.

Make sure the device is not locked, if it is, please unlock it first.

2. The voice broadcast volume is too low.

When recording, try to be as close to the machine as possible and speak a little louder.

3. The machine is not powered on.

1. Pls try to use different power cords and adaptors to plug the feeder, checking whether it is an issue of the cord or the adaptors.
2. Pls check whether the machine can be powered on when powered only by new batteries.

4. The panel of the feeder is not working properly.

1. Pls try to take the feeder apart, then clean the all parts of the feeder, seeing if there is any cockroaches inside disrupting the program.
2. Pls try to unplug and replug the feeder, restore the feeder to factory default and reset it, then check if it would work properly.


Q: How to cancel the feeding plan for the first meal?

A: Please set the number of feeding portions for the first meal to 0.

Q: How much is each portion?

A: 1 portion ≈ 12g ≈ 20ml ≈ 1/12 cup ≈ 4tsp ≈ 4/3Tbsp.