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User Guide of WOpet Barn Pet Feeder with Dual Food Tray (Model: FT50D)

Video Tutorial
User Manual

Video Tutorials:

How to Set Up Feeding Plan for Two Pets


1. The feeder is no powers on.

1. First, pls try to use different power cords and adaptors to plug the feeder, checking whether it is an issue of the cord or the adaptors.
2. Pls check whether the machine can be powered on when powered only by new batteries.

2. The panel cannot be working properly.

1. Pls try to take the feeder apart, then clean the all parts of the feeder, seeing if there is any cockroaches inside disrupting the program.
2. Pls try to unplug and replug the feeder, restore the feeder to factory default and reset it, then check if it would work properly.

3. The food dispenser is to weak to turn and the good is not getting out.

You could try to clean the food residual in the food outlet (the area from which food comes out). It maybe blocked. And please check if there is any food jamming in the barrel.


Q: Can the automatic cat feeder work for wet food?

A: The feeder only works with dry food, with kibble size with 0.078-0.47 inches in diameter.

Q: How much pet food can be dispensed by the feeder in a day at most?

A: It allows you to schedule up to 6 meals and adjust portion sizes from 1-20 portions (12g per portion, Approximately 2 teaspoons).

Q: How often should I clean the pet feeder?

A: We recommend cleaning the detachable container and the food bowl of the feeder once a month.

Q: Can the automatic feeder still work if there is a power outage?

A: The feeder is powered by a power adapter and stores 3 D-size batteries as backup power apply. Its dual-power mode assures it works properly even a power outage.