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WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder WiFi Cat Feeder Remote Control丨Patrol
WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder WiFi Cat Feeder Remote Control丨Patrol
WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder WiFi Cat Feeder Remote Control丨Patrol
WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder WiFi Cat Feeder Remote Control丨Patrol
WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder WiFi Cat Feeder Remote Control丨Patrol
WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder WiFi Cat Feeder Remote Control丨Patrol

WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder WiFi Cat Feeder Remote Control丨Patrol

Feeding Your Pet Has Never Been So Easy

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Customize A Feeding Schedule with WOpet Dog Feeder

Customize A Feeding Schedule with WOpet Dog Feeder

6L Food Capacity

15-Meal Per Day

5g Per Portion

50-Portion Max. Per Meal

Automatic Timed Feeder Designed for Cats and Dogs Automatic Timed Feeder Designed for Cats and Dogs

Automatic Timed Feeder Designed for Cats and Dogs

Smart Programming

The dog feeder allows you to program up to 15 meals on schedule with 1-50 portions per meal.

10s Message Recording

With the meal call, your pet will not feel lonely when the food is dispensed from the auto cat feeder.

No Food Alert

You'll receive an alert on your smartphone if the hopper on the cat food dispenser becomes empty.

6L Large Capacity

6L Large Capacity

Our automatic pet feeder features a large 6L capacity food hopper, providing ample storage for your pet's favorite kibble. The hopper is also detachable, making it easy to clean and refill.

Spacious Feeding Bowl

Spacious Feeding Bowl

Our WiFi pet feeder includes an extra-large feeding bowl, offering your pet plenty of space to comfortably enjoy their meals.

Find the Right Product for You

Food Tank Capacity
WiFi Network
Meal Range
Portions Range
Kibble Size Range
Each Portion Size

Patrol Automatic Pet Feeder-F07


(Current Model)


Pioneer Plus Pet Feeder-FV01 Plus


Learn More
5G / 2.4G

Castle WiFi Pet Feeder-FW70 Plus


Learn More
5G / 2.4G

What You Will Get

WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder x1

Desiccant Bag x1

5V/1A Power Adapter x1

4.9ft Type-C Cable x1(Installed in pump)

User Manual Book x1(With a 6ft power cord)

wopet patrol pet smart feeder


Product Name

Patrol Pet Auto Feeder

Product Model




Product Dimension

7.6 x 14 x 14.2 inches

Product Materials



Q: What is the portion size of the automatic cat feeder?

A: The WiFi cat feeder is suitable for dry food only, with the food pellet size within 5-15mm, up to 15 meals a day.

Q: How much volume is in each portion?

A: The feeder can be set a maximum of 50 portions per meal, about 5g per portions.

Q: How much dry food can the feeder hold?

A: This automatic cat feeder can can hold up to 6L of dry food.

Q: How does the automatic pet feeder work?

A: WOpet automatic feeder connects to your Wi-Fi so you can manage all the functions of this feeder from your smartphone, using the Pet Zero App.

Q: Can I use the WOpet app with both iOS and Android?

A: The WOpet app is compatible with iOS 9.0 or or later or a compatible Android smartphone 4.4 or later.

Customer reviews

27 Reviews


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100% life savor no more making the pup wait till I get home to eat. Love the various portion sizes and multiple times to feed options. The App is very user friendly and the notifications of power loss plus wifi inactivity is great.

May 03, 2024


Emily R

Just yesterday, my kitten got her new gift. She was a mix of excited, surprised, and curious as the food dropped into the metal basin from the feeder. Seems like she's on her way to falling head over heels for this new treat!

Dec 18, 2023


Brooke G

I like this pet feeder. The flexible feeding plan allows me to dispense many small portions, which is perfect for my hungry kittens. The important thing is that I checked the meal portions and they are consistent. this makes me feel reassured

Dec 03, 2023



My cats love the Wopet Wi-Fi feeder. When they hear the food hit the bowl they all go running to it. I feel more at ease when I'm away a so I can manually feed portions or schedule several small meals during the day . Customer service is top notch. The response is quickly and they resolve the situation 😺

Nov 15, 2023



This feeder is great. Timers work well and the portion control seems to deliver the right size portion for our cat. Hopper can be a true PITA to remove unfortunately and I ended up breaking the tabs inside, which doesn't affect the operation at all. If you place this on an IoT WiFi segment with a firewall then you'll need to allow this device to access the Internet over UDP 443 for remote access.

Nov 04, 2023



I bought a Wopet F01 7L feeder (doesn't have wifi feature) in February 2021. Was very happy with it. It did exactly as it was meant to do, absolutely no problems, until it stopped dispensing food in October 2023. The company was amazing! They sent me a replacement feeder and were even happy to make it the F07 6L model with Wifi. I have a dual band router and, considering the F07 only connects to a 2.4 ghz band, I read a reviewer on Amazon who said they connected their F07 from outside their home, using an extension cord, from far enough that only the 2.4 ghz band was available. I expected that's what I would do too, but when I got into my router settings, there's a button that temporarily disables the 5 ghz band for this exact purpose. I utilized it, connected my F07 to my Wi-Fi network quickly and easily, without issue. My 5 ghz network re-enabled in 10 minutes, my feeder was all connected, and all is perfect. I utilized the manual feeding function from another Wi-Fi network as well as from my mobile network, and the feeding worked perfectly from both. Setting the timed feeding was a breeze. No problem whatsoever, and my kitty is right back to sitting at the feeder right before 5:00 a.m., expectantly, and is rewarded with food. At first she was skittish about the bright light on the front of the F07. I thought I might need to cover it up with something that's at least translucent to dull it, but it just took her a couple days to be on the new program! Thank you Wopet for another great product. I love that when we find ourselves unexpectedly away at feeding time, kitty will not go hungry.

Nov 02, 2023


Adam Kramer

Great product. I had problems with saving feed amendments on the app but customer service was great and got it fixed (it was related to my wifi setup).

Aug 29, 2023


Melissa Burke

I got one of these a while ago I love it my cat loves it. It did break somehow but I am getting a replacement for it. Costumer service was great when I was trying to get it replaced. I will get another one when the new one breaks hopefully in 2 years.

Aug 25, 2023


Patrol Automatic Pet Feeder-F07


$ 67.99