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Can I Feed Senior Dog Puppy Food? [2024 Newest]

Feb 07, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

Your adult dog is now getting old, and you're thinking about switching them to a diet that's better for their age. To save money, you may be tempted to feed your adult dog the same puppy mixes as your tiny dog. But should we do this? Let's take a closer look at what your senior dog needs to eat and whether or not they could eat puppy food.

Is It Bad to Feed A Grown Dog Puppy Food?

The question is whether or not feeding a mature dog puppy food is harmful.

Your senior dog has nutritional demands that vary from those of a puppy. Unless your vet directs you to, don't give your senior dog puppy food as her usual diet. Puppy food contains nutrients and vitamins to help them develop quickly.

Since they are still small, they don't eat very much, so puppy food is high in calories. This offers young puppies energy and nutrients without making them overeat.

So, it's not surprising that calorie for calorie, puppy food has more calories than adult dog food. And because of this, it's usually not a good idea to give a dog over a year-old puppy food. Most puppy food doesn't provide what an older dog needs, with a few exceptions. Puppies need calories and protein to form healthy bones, organs, muscles, and joints.

feed senior dog food

Some Situations You May Need to Feed Your Senior Dog Puppy Food

There may be times when your senior dog needs puppy food. Here are some situations in which a vet might tell you to feed an older dog puppy food:



High Energy:


Most of the calories and nutrients that pregnant and nursing dogs get-go to their puppies. Until the pups are done being weaned, the mom can eat puppy food to make sure she gets enough of the right nutrients. If your pregnant dog is a small breed (less than 10 kg) or a medium breed (between 10 and 25 kg), feed her puppy food for her size.


If your pet has lost a lot of weight because it is sick or starving, your vet might suggest giving it a high-calorie diet. Puppy food is calorie-dense, so it can get more calories in smaller amounts. This will help your skinny dog get stronger more quickly.

High energy

Some breeds need to move quickly, and a normal diet can't give them enough energy to do that. Some breeds are naturally more active and have higher metabolisms than others. For some breeds to stay fit and healthy, they need to eat a performance diet. A puppy formula might help keep them strong and full of energy so they don't lose muscle and strength.

plenty of exercises

Try Automatic Dog Feeder to Feed Your Senior Dog or Puppy Properly

No matter how much we love our dogs, we all have to leave them home alone sometimes. Being away from your dog may be stressful for both of you. But there is one thing we can do to make their lives a little bit better. Use an automatic feeder to get them on a regular feeding schedule.

Some dog feeders allow you to select how much food comes out, so you can determine how much the dog receives. If your dog eats fast, a sophisticated auto feeder can give them small quantities of food over time.

There are a lot of options out there. Whether you want something to feed your dog every day or you want something unique that gives you more, Check out our WOpet Castle Automatic Dog Feeder:

wopet castle cat & dog automatic feeder

Its easy-to-read LED screen allows you to set times for your pet to be fed automatically from afar. It helps you to control your dog's weight and learn how to eat well.

WOpet smart feeder can record a 10s message and play it when dispensing meals for your dog. That will make your pet feel like you're always with them, even when you're not there or can't talk to them. And the removable hygienic feeding tray is easy to clean.