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Can I Leave My Cats Alone for A Week with An Auto Cat Feeder?

Sep 25, 2023

Author:Lisa Martinez

As cat owners, we all have moments when we need to be away from home for an extended period. Whether it's a business trip, vacation, or unexpected circumstances, the question of how to ensure our feline companions are well-fed and cared for always arises. This is where automatic pet feeders come into play. In this article, we will explore whether it's feasible to leave your cats alone for a week with an automatic pet feeder, addressing the concerns and considerations that come with this decision.

Can I Leave My Cats Alone for A Week with An Auto Cat Feeder?

Of course you can. An auto cat feeder helps a lot when you are away.

Benefits of Using Automatic Pet Feeders

-Consistency: Automatic feeders provide a consistent feeding schedule, which is essential for cats that thrive on routine.

-Portion Control: You can control the amount of food your cat receives, preventing overeating or underfeeding.

-Convenience: They are ideal for busy pet owners or those who travel frequently.

-Reduced Stress: Cats are less likely to experience separation anxiety when they have a regular source of food.

An App-Controlled Auto Cat Feeder Is What You Need

Streamline your pet's feeding routine effortlessly with the WOPET automatic cat feeder via the WOPET Life APP, which offers 5G WiFi and 2.4GHz WiFi network compatibility.

wopet automatic cat feeder

Upon initial setup, create a personalized pet profile within the app, and it will propose a customized feeding regimen for your pet, utilizing data from the Pet Nutrition Alliance and WSAVA. This scientifically devised feeding plan supports healthy growth.

Record brief 10-second voice messages that play during each feeding. The comforting sound of the pet owner's voice can help ease their anxiety, enabling them to dine peacefully when you're not present.

Record 10-second voice messages

All components of the WOPET smart pet feeder are free from BPA and can be detached.

Preparing Your Cat for Your Absence

1. Gradual transition to the automatic pet feeder

Before leaving your cat alone with the automatic feeder for a week, it's essential to transition them gradually. Start by introducing the feeder while you're still at home, allowing your cat to get used to the sound and movement of the device. Gradually adjust the feeding times to mimic your usual schedule.

transition to the automatic pet feeder

2. Ensuring the feeder is functioning correctly

Regularly check and test the automatic feeder to ensure it's functioning correctly. Make sure it dispenses the right amount of food and that there are no blockages or malfunctions that could leave your cat without food.

3. Familiarizing your cat with the feeder

Encourage your cat to approach and interact with the feeder while you're present. You can use treats or their favorite toys to create positive associations with the device. This will help reduce any anxiety your cat may have about the feeder.

encourage your cat to interact with the feeder


1. Will my cat become lonely or anxious?

Leaving your cat alone for a week can lead to loneliness or anxiety in some cases. To mitigate this, ensure your cat has toys, comfortable resting spots, and a safe environment.

2. What if the feeder malfunctions?

Regularly test the feeder and have a backup plan, such as a trusted friend or neighbor who can check on your cat if needed.

3. Can I leave wet food in an automatic feeder?

While some automatic feeders can accommodate wet food, it's essential to choose one designed for it. However, dry food is often a more practical choice for longer absences.


Leaving your cats alone for a week with an automatic pet feeder is possible, but it requires careful preparation and consideration. Automatic feeders offer convenience and consistency, but they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Factors like the duration of your absence, your cat's temperament, and their age all play a role in determining whether this is a suitable option.