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A Cat Expert or A Cat Layman? Check it out with Quiz Questions about Cats

Jan 13, 2023

Author:Jackson Watson

If you own a cat, check the following quiz questions about cats, and see how much you know about cats. If you don’t have cats and are about to have one, these will be the basic or important cat knowledge you should know. Check out if you are a cat expert or a layman! (Answers are behind the questions)

Q1. How many hours do adult cats sleep per day?

A. About 3 hours

B. About 15 hours

C. About 20 hours

Q2. What is a group of kittens called? The proper term for a group of kittens is a kindle, litter, or intrigue.

A. Kindle

B. Clatter

C. Cloud

Q3. How many ear muscles do cats have?

A. 30

B. 19

C. 6

cat quiz

Q4. What percentage of a cat’s bones are in its tail?

A. 30%

B. 10%

C. 3%

check cat quiz

Q5. How many toes does a cat have on its back paw?

A. 6

B. 5

C. 4

Q6. What skill can a cat develop by playing with toys?

A. Hunting

B. Socializing

C. Mating

Q7. How many teeth does an adult cat have?

A. 24

B. 26

C. 30

Q8. Which one of the following is not the reason why cats rub against you?

A. To mark you with its scent

B. To show its affection to you

C. To make its paws clean

D. To greet you

Q9. What is the normal body temperature of a cat?

A. 102° Fahrenheit

B. 98° Fahrenheit

C. 94° Fahrenheit

cat body temperature

Q10. Which type of water would cats prefer?

A. Running water

B. Still water

Q11. Which one of these foods is toxic to cats?

A. Milk

B. Chocolate

C. Catnip

Q12. How many facial whiskers does a cat have?

A. 18

B. 24

C. 26

Q13. What color eyes are all cats born with?

A. Green

B. Black

C. Blue

(Check it out! Answers are down below.)


Q1. B            Q2. A            Q3. A      Q4. B           Q5. C

Q6. A            Q7. C            Q8. C      Q9. A           Q10. A

Q11. B           Q12. B           Q13. C