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About Us

WOpet is committed to ensuring that pet owners can embrace boundless love for their pets by offering high-quality smart products that strengthen the bond between pets and their families.

Brand Story

Brand Story

Established in 2015, WOpet embarked on a journey to better understand the needs of pets. Initially, our founder returned home from a business trip to a heart-wrenching sight: his beloved pets were going hungry and facing potential health issues due to inconsistent feeding. This encounter filled him with remorse and served as the inspiration behind WOpet - a brand dedicated to creating innovative, smart pet products that can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app.

Our Timeline

Brand Vision

WOpet's vision is to create a world where every pet revels in a long, healthy life brimming with love and joy. We offer innovative solutions to give your pet a touch of love and warmth like never before.

Brand Philosophy

Why choose WOpet? Our promise to bring more of the heartwarming moments to every pet lover in the world evolves into a whole new way of caring pets. At WOpet, we believe in enriching the lives of pets through innovation and convenience. We're dedicated to providing a more complete boundless pet loving experience for pet families around the world.

Our Products

WOpet specializes in crafting state-of-the-art pet feeders, water fountains, and interactive pet toys. Our products are designed to make pet care easier, ensuring pets stay well-fed, hydrated, and entertained.

Our Vision
Why Choose WOpet?
Our Focus