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Timed, Smart & Programmable

Automate Your Pet's Life

Chimp automatic feeders help ensure your cat’s bowl is always filled on time and in the appropriate food portion size. It gives you peace of mind knowing your pet will be fed whether you’re at work or get away.

Designed to put your pet's health first


7L/29 cup cat feeder automatic consistently provides food for your cat and dog smoothly for a couple of day.


Built-in voice recorder and a speaker to recording your voice messages and play it when feed your pets.


Batteries installed as back-up power to ensure automatic feeding in case of power failure.

Makes feeding your pet a breeze.

Automate your pet's life and keep a healthy diet


Capacity Hopper

10 Seconds

Record Customizable message

1-4 Meals

Per Day

8 Portions

Day Food Per Meal

Keep a healthy diet for your loved one

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) It maybe the infrared lights be blocked. Please clean the food residual in the food outlet as there are two infrared lights inside detecting food.

2) If still not working, please reset the feeder by pressing the “REC” key for 3 seconds at the setting mode (the LCD backlight is on).

3) If it’s still not working, please check if the motor is turning properly, and contact us via support@wopetshop.com.

1) First, check if the meals’ time and stations are set correctly.

2) Next, check if the feeder’s current time is consistent with the watch time. If not, set them the same.

The red alarm light will flash when the battery power is low.

1) Please change to three new alkaline batteries and make sure that they are installed correctly.

2) Unplug the feeder for a while and plug it in. If it’s still flashing, reset the feeder by pressing the “REC” key for 3 seconds at the setting mode (the LCD backlight is on).

1) Check if the power switch is ON, and the batteries (if using them) are in good condition.

2) Press the “Feeding” key for 3 seconds to see if it will make any sounds and dispense food at the un-setting state (the LCD backlight is off).

One portion is 5 grams.

Please note:

1) The portion size maybe slightly different with different sized food.

2) With different size and volume of one cup from different areas, we cannot say for sure how many portions equal to one cup.

3 reviews for WOpet Automatic Cat & Dog Feeder with Voice Recorder 8L | Chimp

  1. Kettra Johnson

    I purchased the 7L pet feeder in June 2021. Recently, the time on the feeder kept adjusting on its own. I tried new batteries and kept it plugged in, and it still advanced the time. I contacted Wopet to inform them of the issue. After first attempting to help me troubleshoot, they concluded that a new unit would be sent to me. I am impressed with the customer service because I actually loved the product. The feeder is handy when I go out to work and gives me a sense of relief. I would recommend this product and the company.

  2. William Turner (verified owner)

    Customer service is very good. The original order arrived damaged and they quickly and courteously sent a replacement.
    I hope my cats appreciate it as much as I do.

  3. Luke Schielka (verified owner)

    I purchased 3 automatic feeders for my 3 cats about 6 months ago. One of the feeders USB port stopped working, but their customer support is outstanding and a new one has been shipped to me. The other 2 still work perfectly and I am completely satisfied with the product.

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