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Queen Elizabeth III & Prince Harry & Meghan


Queen Elizabeth III & Prince Harry & Meghan

Prince Harry: Very much a Daddys boy, he loves snuggling with his dad, and is very chatty! He constantly begs to be under the blankets when we are on the couch or in bed. He loves to play fetch (strange for a cat, I know!) And loves his 2 sisters.
Meghan (Prince Harry’s biological sister): definitely a Momma’s girl, she cries at the bedroom door every time I am in the bedroom without her and she lays with me all the time. If I am standing up she will put her paws up on my leg until I look down at her and once I do she immediately jumps as high as she can (and hopes I catch her) so she can hang out on my shoulder while I am doing things around the house. She LOVES Being snuggled like a baby. She also likes to play fetch like her brother (she’s actually better at it than him!). She LOVES carbs, I can’t leave any type of bread on the counter or she will sneak away with it in the blink of an eye. She also is a food bully and tries to eat from all 3 bowls at dinner time.
Queen Elizabeth III: our little (big) baby…we found her outside at 2months/2lbs. Had her checked for a chip and tried to find an owner butlucky for us never found one! So we took her in and we quickly fell in love with her! She quickly grew bigger than the other 2 and is now very much the queen of the house! She was VERY shy for the first few months but every day she opens up more and more, now she asks to be pet and held and to play unlike when she used to hide under the bed all day.


Queen Elizabeth III & Prince Harry & Meghan


Female(Queen Elizabeth III & Meghan);
Male(Prince Harry)


1 Year and 1 month(Queen Elizabeth III); 1 Year and 7 months(Prince Harry & Meghan)

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