Milo is a rescue kitty born in June of 2020 on the streets of Quebec.
He is very mischievous but a gentle boy.. we adopted him when he was almost 6 months old and started his training to be an adventure cat the same week we got him.
His curious and friendly nature is what makes him a crowd pleaser. Fun fact- we have a family friend who is absolutely terrified of cats due to a childhood incident. However Milo has shown him love relentlessly and helped him overcome the fear. They now are buddies 😊

Milo enjoys going to the park, pet stores, climbing trees, playing in the snow and sand but above all car rides are his favourite type of adventure!
When we are not outdoors, his days are filled with watching nature’s live cat tv. Milo is also a pro in performing some tricks in exchange for yummy treatos.
The best part of our day is when we come back home from work and Milo greets us at the door every single day with his chirpy meows.






1 Year and 9 months

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