My fur baby is a female cat name Mello. She is about 3.5 years old.

She loves chasing laser pointer, tossing her springs, ping pong balls, and small mouse toys, and rolling ping pong balls on the tiered toy that we bought her.

When she is not playing, she is either napping, meowing for treats/attention, or cuddling and getting pets.

We adopted her in February 2019. She is my unplanned Valentine’s present.

I have never been a cat person. At the time I was living with roommates who have cats. One of the cats would go to my room and play. My boyfriend saw that I began to have interest in cats, he suggested that we go to Petsmart adoption to see available kitties. We didn’t plan to adopt that day; it was just a spur of the moment thing. When we were at Petsmart, there was 2 kittens doing tricks to get attention, but I wasn’t interested in them. I didn’t see Mello until I turned the corner and looked in one of the box structure that Petsmart had. She was hidden behind the wooden wall; she was chilling and didn’t care at all. I thought she was cute so I told my boyfriend about it and he suggested we hold her. We knew she was the one when the associate handed her to us and she started purring loudly like a motor boat. We didn’t want to leave her at Petsmart & go home to think about it because we were afraid of losing her. We made an impulsive decision and adopted immediately. Looking back, it was a good impulsive decision, she’s a good cat. She doesn’t scratch, plays nice, and loves belly rubs.

Her name Mello came with her on the adoption paper. We couldn’t find a name that fit her personality so we stuck with it. Whoever named her did a good job; she’s mellow as her name states 😅

Her story was that she was found around a farm. I’m not sure what happened to her but a toe in her back paw is shorter than the others.

I’m sorry for the long story 😅. That’s how we end up with Mello.






3.5 Years

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